What’s Inside My BAG?!

Just before I put my bag down to my table, just wondered why does my bag is so F*cking heavy. Then I took all the stuff out and just laughed. Here are the pictures of all the things that makes my back hurt:

1. Lots of FLASH DISK!


– I always bring this stuff so I can bring my files and docs with me.

  • Shiny Silver 4GB
  • TDK 4GB
  • Datatraveler 1GB
  • CDR-King 1GB
  • The blue one is not mine

A total of 14GB flash disk O.o

2. Bluetooth™ Dongle


-I always bring this with me so I can send pictures to my laptop or lessons in my PDA Phone

3. Master’s Poker Club Poker Chips


-Errr… Sometimes if I’m bored, I do chip tricks 🙂

4. My PDA Phone Charger


-My phone needs to be juiced every 15-20hrs. crazy right? I use my PDA Phone to take down notes, so I guess that’s the reason why my phone is a battery eater.

5. iPod USB cord


-Sometimes I download songs during my vacant time.

6. Laptop Charger


-It’s an old laptop, what do you expect with it’s battery life?!

7. Old Laptop


-Just for academic and business purpose, I need to bring this everyday!

8. Broken Rolex watch


-It has a sentimental values that’s why I always bring it with me 🙂

9. Magazines!


-I love reading this magazines (T3, Gadget. Reader’s Digest).

10. Mini USB mouse


-For designing purposes 😮

11. Tablet Pen


-As always FOR DESIGNING PURPOSES O.O But I don’t usually bring this.

12. iPod!


-I always listen to music, it keeps me away from boredom

13. Card reader


-Transfer files from digicam and phone to my laptop

14. USB  slot extender


-With all the device I have, I need an extender accommodate my gadget all at once.

Crazy right?


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