Difference Between 320kbps vs. 128kbps

Last night I was syncing new album songs in my iPod when I realized that there’s only 500mb left in its memory. So to maximized my 8gb iPod I convert my songs from 320kbps to 128 AAC version.

The result? 320kbps is louder than 128kbps, there’s a bit change in its sound quality but it is not audible for untrained ears. I guess thats the features of Apple iPod, it normilize the sound quality even if you lowered its kbps. File size is decresed by about 50 to 65 percent. Some songs time length was decrese for 1 sec.

When I put the songs in a flash disk and insert it to our sound system with a usb port, you can hear a big difference.

1. Sound quality is so audible, even my 14 year old brother can hear the difference.

2. The 320kbps is louder than 128kbps

3. Bass is quite spongy

4. Some high pitch song is like in a thin can ambience.

These are some changes that I can here, but with regards to iPod there is no major difference in its quality, the only thing that you can here is its volume.

Noli: “Mejo Magulo Nga Ang Sagot”

Last night I was watching Saksi on GMA 7, its my routine every evening to watch news every single night. One of the headline was about LPG supplies which for me, really not a problem at all.

For me, the supplier don’t want to release their supply so the price of the LPG will increase, its a matter of supply and demand like in economics, when the demand is higher than the supply tendency is the price will increase, same as when the demand is low the price will decrease.


But the most shocking of all was when Vice President Noli De Castro made a statement, “Medjo magulo nga ang sagot (the answer is a bit confusing)”, what kind of a Vice President was that? For me it’s a shame when you cannot answer a question in the interview, specially when you are the vice president of the country, what a shame….

You can watch the video clip at this link