North Carolina downloader’s tax?

downloadiconJust looking for an update regarding gadgets when I saw this news at CrunchGear. You read it right! North Carolina will impose its own tax download. Yes, when you buy music from a music site you will get taxed, as well as when you download a movie, TV seasons, games, porn clips (porn?! LOL), etc. etc. etc.

The question is, will this be a good news for the people in N.C.? Answer – NO!

But the legislators has a pretty good reason why they want to impose this, if you buy games in Best Buy you get taxed, why not tax them if they buy over the internet. Well sounds reasonable, but the concern is, with all the global crisis, massive recession we experience and people are loosing their jobs left and right… this will be another pain in our wallets heh?

I wonder if the our government will impose this here, but if they will impose digital download tax, SCREW them! Another government money will be put in their own pockets. Gheeze!

via CrunchGear


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