Sun Brodband Wireless

I’ll be posting the speed tests tomorrow, and just give you guys a summary, I recieved a free $100 in Poker Stars, I’ll be playing poker the whole night hahaha.

RAN GT New Skills

I’ve been a Ran Online PH player since 2006 until summer of 2008, the reason why I stop is to focus more in my studies, but maybe when this new skills will be release this year, I might play Ran Online Ph again.

Sun Broadband Wireless: Speed Test – 1

Just got my Sun Broadband Wireless last night and it’s quite fast.

I’ll be monitoring the speed for every two hours and be providing the best time where in we can get the fastest speed, but ofcourse, it still depends in the user’s location.


I got this speed around 7pm today and I’ll be posting more later around 9pm.

Hack Super Mario Brothers

Its cool if you can play Mario just using your hands 🙂 More than cool if you can play around 100 Mario in just one map!

Source: CrunchGear