BlackBerry Sold on eBay with Hollywood Contacts!


A brit bought a BlackBerry on eBay found out that the phone has a contact number of Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Kevin Spacey and about 50 other Hollywood-types in the contacts. The phone turned out to be from a Working Title Film producer who didn’t removed his data after selling the unit. The brit sent back the phone to the producer and the producer will replace the BlackBerry

HUAWEI i-Mo HSDPA with Wi-Fi

Its been 3 days since I got my Sun Broadband Wirless and honestly its beed a good experience, but the problem is, this device only serves 1 computer/laptop. If you want to share you’re connection you can tweak it using LAN or WiFi.


Good news! Huawei i-Mo made a new kind of 3G modem, not only serves as a 3G modem but also spread the love to other Wi-Fi capable device, yes you read it right! This device has its own WiFi that other device can connect and join your  connectivity, this device supports 7.2MBPS but as of now here in the Philippines the fastes to date is 2.mbps. It also supports 802.11 b/g and has a microSD slot for a small storage.

There’s still now word for the pricing, but defenitly it will be available for the second quarter of this year.

Source Slashgear [via Gizmodo]

Sickest Dance Crew in America’s Best Dance Crew

I was watcing ABDC 3 in when I saw their number, it was the sickest of the sickest I’ve seen! Watch it out!

Blood Glucose Level Monitoring Tatoo

A Campbridge labratory made a special ink that changes color depending on your blood glucose level. The ink is made of tiny spheres that contain the glucose detecting molecule, a color-changing dye, and another molecule that mimics glucose. If the molecules mostly latch onto glucose, the ink appears yellow. If glucose levels are low, the molecule latches onto the glucose mimic, turning the ink purple. A healthy level of glucose has a “funny orangey,” color, according to Clark. The sampling process repeats itself every few milliseconds.

Its a quite cool to show to your friends “Hey my blood sugar is low, see? it turns purple” hahahaha

From CrunchGear [Via Gizmodo]