Sun Broadband Wireless Review

I got a Sun Broadband Wireless last February 12, 2009. I find some good side and bad side of this unit.


This review will be based on Manila and Mandaluyong area only…


– Fast Connection

– Average speed of 1mbps

– Fastest I got is 2.2mbps

– Good for video streaming

– Good for downloading (depends on the mirror site)

– Download speed reach 210kbps/sec

– Average download speed 50-70kbps/sec


– Not good for online gaming

– Lacks 3G coverage as of now

– Sometimes I get 300kpbs on peak hours

Surprisingly Sun is doing good for their wireless connection plane, I read something about the torrent downloaders that it has only a limit speed or size but I’m not sure, I talked to the CSR that gave us a demonstration she said she don’t know anything about the issue.

I got a tip for the SBW users:

To gain HSDPA Connection

Disconnect your connection first then go to Tools>Option>Click “Network” in the left panel>Select WCDMA Only. Then connect your SBW to gain the HSDPA connection.

To refresh you connection

Disconnect your internet connection>remove your SBW>reset your laptop


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  1. I am a Sun Broadband user since Feb. 9. I am pretty much satisfied, esp. if we take the unlimited scheme for the price (P799/mo) w/c is just right.

    I think 2mbps and wireless broadband at that isn’t really meant for on-line games anyway and they are not advertising that it is as well, so no problem. Downloading, uploading and watching streaming videos (such as youtube are almost flawless – depending on current signal strength at the time)

    It’s not perfect either and would not mind some more improvements, esp. on the 3G-HSDPA side since the signal strength isn’t consistent and not strong enough to reach certain locations like living rooms of big houses and I guess this goes for locations such as inside a mall.

    Over-all, It is good esp. for the price.

    More 3G/HSDPA signal strength and maybe bring it up to 3 mbps soon as well esp. since the current USB modem they sell with it can handle upto 3.2 mbps anyway.

    Plus Smart just upgraded their system to 7.2 mbps in Metro Manila – time to compete again.

  2. Hi there, just tried many things to test how good SBW is, like what you said it’s not for online gaming. However the CSR told me that the SBW unit can reach 7.2mbps which is the WCDMA signal we see. I don’t know if it’s true sometimes CSR don’t know what they are talking about. 🙂

  3. It can reach 7.2 mbps? What USB modem are they talking about ? hehehe

    If it’s the Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem I doubt it. It says in Huawei’s website that their E220 modem can handle only up to 3.6 mbps (I stand corrected on the 3.2 mbps).

    This is the link:

    Anyway, even if it were true they are only transmitting up to 2 mbps, so it doesn’t matter if the modem can handle more than 2 mbps. hehehe

    I also have doubts that the new smart bro can actually transmit 7.2 mbps. Hope we’ll get people posting soon regarding how reliable that is but at the mean time I am satisfied with SBW esp. since my purpose is just doing some downloading/uploading and the occasional watching of streaming videos.

    Maybe if they can increase it to 3 – 3.6 mbps, on-line gaming maybe more bearable and it extends the shelf life of the current modem w/c can handle uptp 3.6 mbps accdg. to the manufacturer’s website.

  4. How’s the service in the Pasay & Cainta area?

  5. @t-cel
    Yes bu I get this image right after the authentication.

    I don’t know what that 7.2mbps mean hehehe. Regarding the 3.6mbps on-line gameing I guess it will still be laggy because of the connection, not like the cable/dsl one. We’ll see, like you I’m satisfied with my SBW, I can go unline duting my clinical duties 🙂

  6. Sorry Annie, I don’t know the status in your location but you can call Sun Broadband CSR to give you a demo regarding your location.

    Here I found this number:
    482.4681 • 0922.785.0086
    901.1146 • 0923.200.8367

    I got that in the pinoy exchange forum, I guess he works from Sun.

  7. @Obed

    I just made a quick google search and I think for all intents and purposes we can equate WCDMA to be 3G.

    Although sources say that WCDMA is just one of the technologies that operates 3G mobile networks:

    Here are good references I googled re: HSDPA:


    A bit confusing if we get caught up w/ all the technical terms and jargons but for all intents and purposes we can just equate HSDPA to be 3.5G


    They say they guarantee Metro Manila areas and will soon cover nearby provinces. Not sure if Cainta will be part of those provinces. We just have to wait for them to make an announcement.

  8. may sun broadband ba dito sa davao?

  9. Im staying at manila (sampaloc area) and just recently purchased a SWB unit.. however after configuring it and spending a good amount of time with a CSR.. im still getting a download and upload rate ranging from 10KBPS to 32 KBPS for two days now?

    i dont know what to do anymore.. im very dissapointed.. and all the CSR can do is to create a report and log my complain.

    anyone.. need your input.. is there a way or device i could buy to help m e boast my signal?

  10. Hi there jay,

    There are many factors when it comes to the downloading speed.

    1. Server traffic
    – how many people downloading the same file at the same time? More traffic the less download speed you get.

    2. Account Status
    – if you are downloading via Rapid Share and using a free account, normaly you can only get bellow 60kbps

    3. ISP (internet service provider)

    3.1 Max speed?
    – if you are using SBW you have the maximum 2mbps but it’s not always 2mbps, normally you can only get 1mpbs-1.3mbps in smooth hours and get as low as 150-300kbps during peek hours

    3.2 Location
    – It doesn’t mean that when you are from manila you can get the HSDPA signal

    3.3 Time
    -always download at night especially if you want to download 300mb + files size using torrent.

    3.4 Update
    – Check your system tray if you got an anti-virus update or any program that is updating while you’re downloading. Always schedule your updates at midnight

    3.5 Bandwidth
    – Don’t download and stream, you will be disappointed

    Using the normal Huawei E220 you can’t hack the signal without opening the unit. yet when you open the unit you will void the warranty.

    You can check my article in my new blog address at this link:

  11. unfortunately, my connection is very disappointing. Most of the time i get ZERO kbps. I live in the Sampaloc area specifically G. Tuazon near Nagtahan.

  12. When I first got my SBW geez, madadala ata ako sa bilis ng service. Imagine, nagbburst siya up to 250-300kbps per download ko except torrents ala dial up ang connection dun. So I was a very satisfied customer then I even have my boyfriend got one for himself na rin kasi for the price napaka-convenient/practical until one night, April 27, 2009 ampotah it dropped to 4.75kbps max na lang ang download ko at napaka-consistent hanggang ngayon June 4, 2009 ganon pa rin. Mga peste, manlilinlang ng customer 100+ times na ko tumawag ng Sun Hotline I have the call escalated to a supervisor 5x na ata or more in fairness wala pa rin nangyari. Pumunta na ko sun shop to expedite the process wala pa rin.

    So sa mga nagbabalak kumuha ng Sun Broadband Wireless if you want a dialup connection after a month, helpless technical support service at useless/misleading “broadband” internet connection, go for it. Anyway, P649 additional lang nmn if you have Plan 350 w/ suncell unlimited connection pa dabah?! Un nga lang tied kayo for 2yrs else bayad ka pre-termination fee kapag di mo na talaga ma-take ang service like me but of course I’m taking it to the next level na. Spread the word, it will save you time and money! Kung carry naman ng budget go for globe or smart or pldt weroam na lang at least sa globe 35kbps ako, sa smart 50kbps pldt haven’t tried pero ung dsl nila the best, very consistent ang speed! Naka-assign nabandwidth sakin it 1.2mbps kahit 1mbps lang supposedly ung nasa plan ko. 🙂

    Bulok ang sun!

  13. @ Anti SBW Rain

    Hi there 🙂

    I got issues like that, actually ang ayaw ko ngyon is yung when I’m watching movies dati never nag buffer kung mag buffer man it will only take me about 10-30 seconds and that’s it.

    Ngyon super bagal na buffering over here buffering over there may mga times na nag ddc. What I do is uninstall the sbw program and restart and install and restart and connect.

    It improves my connection temporarily pero ganun parin overall parang na scam tayo 🙂

  14. Agree with Obed. Dati mabilis ang video streaming, but lately I noticed na super bagal na siya, never-ending buffer (kapos kasi sa speed). I used to be able to reach over 150kB/sec sa youtube, but now swerte ko na kung umabot siya ng 20kB/sec.

  15. hi guys.

    im new at this, im seriously considering buying either SMART , GLOBE wireless or SUN wireless… hope you can help me, just want to ask which one of the three wireless connection is the best. but what ive read, im going to stay away from sun.. just to be safe.. which one is the best?

    im in the MANILA / ERMITA area, but i plan to travel to the province soon so i hope you guys can help me… thanks so much in advance…

  16. Don’t get SUN. This is one of the worst thing you would like to have. Download speed is so slow specially when you are watching long movies. Sometimes, you can’t even logged in to your hotmail, yahoo mail plus your messengers. This is a total waste of money.

  17. Hi Obed/Aloof Kid,

    Is is true na dissatisfied ka ngayon sa performance ng SBW? So, do you recommend that we stay away from this ISP?


  18. The Sun Broadband connection service is very disappointing!

    Don’t be fooled to subscribe to this network.

    They claim that they have 2Mbps but this is not true.

    The highest speed that I get is 40 Kbps.

    Most of the time during peak hours I get less than 10 Kbps.

    Your browser seems to just freeze. You could sleep while waiting for the website to upload.

    It seems that the Manila area is already congested since a few months back the connection is not like this. Your money is not worth it when you buy this.

    The Sun Broadband is like the the Sun Cellular. A waste of money!

    They should refund to the consumers all the connection days that the network gave slow connections.

    The Senate of the Philippines should also make an action regarding this. We demand a refund with slow connections. This should be also be true with Sun Cellular calls.

    If their Network could not handle the bulk of consumers that subscribe to their network, they should just limit the number of consumers that avail their network. We are being fooled by this network!

    When you call their customer service, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes to be answered. Sometimes I wait for 30 minutes and it will be disconnected so I have to call customer service again and wait for another 30 minutes.

    Dont be fooled by this Sun Cellular and Broadband Network.

    Such a waste of money.

    Consumers have the right to have good service.

    We demand that the modems that we bought should also be refunded.

    They will sometimes give you websites to check your speed right now but it is inaccurate … giving you fast speed but actually not.

    Dont be fooled by this network.

    I guess other networks are like this also?

    Consumers have the right to have good service. All those poor service hours should be refunded.

    They have a demo computer in their store which is acceptably fast in the area but when you test your own unit it has slow connection. Something is fishy. Could the account in the demo unit really much faster than what they sell?

    Dont be fooled by this Sun Broadband Wireless Network!

    —Jojo Torres

  19. Sun is bad. Bad for business and emailing, and WORST for attachments, no matter what size. Bad for java, flash, and modern sites. Their personnel service is as BAD as their technology. It seems their human heads and tech systems are at par with each other, and that is not a good thing.

  20. yes SUN Sucks bigtime. naloko rin ako. ni hindi ako maka-attach ng kahit 300kb na attachment. OMG the whole morning and bagal bagal.

    sa mga nagbabalak mag sun wireless, wag na. parusa lang.

  21. Sun Wireless Broadband is the worst ISP i’ve ever used. I got this in April 2009, and everything was going fine until June 14 where the upload speed dropped to 0kbps. ZERO! until now (44 days later), they haven’t done anything about it yet. I’ve documented all of the crap SUN put me through in my personal blog.

    i’m just waiting for our PLDT DSL to get connected then we’re done with Sun. of course, no ISP is perfect, but dammit, ZERO upload for 44 days? terrible technical support? no supervisors around to take supervisor calls (unless you scream your lungs out)? that’s really something else. what a scam.

    Just an additional note:
    I did everything I could in my part to assure that I’m not causing the technical issue. My computer has good specs (Pentium Dual Core 3ghz, 1MB memory). I tried the USB dongle on different computers, still no upload. I tried different USB dongles on my laptop and desktop computer, still no upload in our location. I’ve tried connecting my laptop to other Internet services (PLDT), it works. Just to be sure, I’ve even reformatted my computer. Nothing works. It’s clearly a network issue. they probably can’t accommodate the number of subscribers that they currently have.

  22. true! subscribing to SBW was the worst decision we ever made. Before we subscribed to this service, nagdemo pa sa house namin yun tagaSun just to show us how fast the connection is and how good the service is, ok naman, so we decided to get it. But once we got our own modem na, gapang ang connection. And we raised a complaint to the CSR and Sun Shop, pero wala pa rin. I don’t want to think that they fooled us by using a better modem or something, pero baka yun nga ang ginawa nila. I really hope that this will be escalated to the proper government agencies, because parang nanloko sila ng subscribers, and we’re tied for two years with this very crappy service.

    We really need to spread the word that they should not get SBW.

  23. Bulok ang sun!! super bagal!!!

  24. i’m using sun broadband and everything works well.i’m located at antipolo and sun said they don’t have 3g coverage in our area..but i’m using it right now..guess they’re wrong.=) i’m a tech support rep(not of sun but of a computer company) and i think the reason your browsing experience sucks because your computer sucks and you don’t know how to maintain it..delete your cookies for crying out loud!delete your internet temp folder and get opera browser.all your complains are caused by your crappy system is well maintained.stable(i don’t use sucks big time!)i suggest get ccleaner and run ccleaner once in a while..oh by the way.. i just downloaded a 2gb os come you can’t download anything???i uploaded photos on multiply and facebook.too bad.i’m in a officially non 3g covered area. i have only 3 bars of hsdpa signal but i could still watch streaming movies and stream youtube videos.good specs won’t do anything if your plagued with malware, adware and viruses,trojans…all those malwares will bog your connection think your not downloading anything but malwares are taking over..once your infected, your anti-virus can’t do anything anymore.not all malwares can be detected.scripts are not blocked which can put a security hole.and you won’t even know it unless monitor your ports.

  25. mark, how long have you been using sbw?

  26. HI guys, sorry for not replying to your responds I actually abandond this na pero since meron parin nag rereply ok go lang tayo 🙂

    I recommend what Mark said, clear all your cookies because it really help.

    Here are the program that I recommend:
    CC Cleaner
    Glary’s Utility
    PC Optimizer Pro

    Anti virus:
    Avast! – Do the BIOS scan

    Here some additional tips:
    Remove all the programs that run in your background, ex. press CTRL+ALT+Del and check kung anong mga programs ang hindi mo kailangan para makahinga ang computer mo and ma unload.

    Always clear all the cookies like what mark said.

    Ano pa ba, yun lang naman ang ginagawa ko eh.

    By the way, mark I know you are good in terms of computers, and I think I have some good background to, pero with my experience may effect din ang congestion ng SBW users sa metro manila. Saka bumagal tlga siya kasi nga dumami.

    Meron naman tlga times na mabagal siya as in gusto mo bato laptop mo pero not all the time na ganun.


    Well I don’t really recommend that you stay away, kasi kahit papano I’m happy with the service, though sometimes maasar ka lang tlga. I guess it depends sa location kasi dito sa bahay I can surf all night and day pero sa school or sa bahay ng friends or classmates ko may mga location tlgang mabagal siya 😛

  27. @mark:

    wag mo husgahan ang mga nagpost dito na mabagal ang connection nila. ako, NIREFORMAT ko pc ko, ganun pa din! sobrang bagal.

    after 2 months balikan mo ulit tos site na to. tingnan ko kung maipagtatanggol mo pa ang sun sa time na un. BABAGAL ka din tsong!

  28. I have been a subscriber of SBW for more than 10 months now. I had an acceptable speed connection with SBW during the first 6 months but experience slow connections during the last 4 months. I have been complaining about having slow connections at my area during peak hours. I have been trying to follow up with SBW customer service for the past 4 months now due to the slow connections. They agree that there is a problem with my area but they will never refund my payment since the reason that I have slow connections is due to congestion of users and not due to the system. This is because, if you would look at some of the literatures of SBW, there are small imprints that say that SBW could slow down during peak hours. For this reason, they are free from complaints and suit from DTI.

    My subscription with SBW is not locked in for 2 years. I am decided to terminate my subscription from SBW even if I will waste my investment on their modem and router but you have to apply in their main office for termination which will really be a hassle. You can only also refund the 1000 pesos deposit after 6 months from service termination.

    They said that SBW is continually improving their service in my area but doesn’t know when. So I asked if I could just hold my subscription with SBW while their connection is slow and would just re-subscribe when they already improved the system. They said that it could be possible but you have to pay 500 pesos for the reconnection fee.

    Given the situation, I asked if I would just not pay the following months until my service is terminated. They said that after 2 months of non-payment, the SBW subscription would be disconnected but I would continually be charged every month even if the subscription is not being used until I pay and could receive a demand letter from their lawyers.

    I asked where I could complain in writing and who to write to but they would never give a supervisor name. They just told me to email my complaint directed to a “To whom it may concern” to


    Think very well before subscribing to SBW.






  29. hmmmm

    good looks on this one….

    but im looking for an alternative that is good for online gaming…

    hopefully one that can cater high end graphics…

    suggestions anyone?

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  31. I’ve read all messages posted here and some are really pissed about SBW. First off, I’m having a good connection speed here at Pandacan Manila. As of the moment, it’s still good. Probably, the reason why some are not getting a good connection is because of the 3G area.

    I also have Globe Tattoo. Unfortunately, it’s super slow at least here in Pandacan. I sold it to my brother who were not satisfied at first. Then, he brought it to Batangas. It worked flawlessly!

    My friend here in Pandacan has Smart Bro and it’s like a dial-up connection.

    Furthermore, there are factors to consider and I think it’s not right to blame the ISPs right away. Your computer should be the first thing to check. If you think it’s working fine, then it’s time for us to blame their connection. 🙂

  32. stay as far away from Sun Broadband Wireless as possible. Was happy for the first month, tapos biglang nagbagal. now, on peak hours, i’d be lucky to get .04kbps sa That is, kung magload ang speedtest website sa kabagalan.

  33. PUTA TLAGA NALOKO AKO NG BROADBAND NA ITO. buti nga kayo 3 to 6 months lang ang bagal. ako 1 week lang bumagal na. I am downloading a megaupload file last week and ok naman ang bilis I am getting 130 kbp/s ngayon with the same file I am only downloading it with 8 KBP/S. puta tlga.

    fyi.. hindi ako free user sa megaupload…

  34. Hi,

    I am a SBW subscriber for almost 1 month na. I do the speedtest every now and then, and here are the average results:

    Ping: 500-600
    Download: 1.5-2.5 Mbps
    Upload: .05-.2 Mbps

    For me, hindi masyadong factor yung speed as of now but i tell you guys, connection thru SBW drops almost every hour without you knowing it. Kung prepaid ka, Yari ka but if you’re on unlimited ok lang. Pero factor pa rin frequent disconnections. Another thing that my connection does is, while i am connected, suddenly, it will show up a pop-up window saying that ‘The device has been disconnected’ and that window will stay for about a minute or two. Annoying if you are doing something. After that window goes away, anothing window pops up saying ‘Detecting device’, another minute or two uli. Unfortunately, when get those popup windows, you can’t move them to the side so that you can continue what you’re doing, hazzle talaga. I consulted their technical team, but almost 3 weeks na, no show pa rin sila. Also, technical people are not so technical at all, they don’t even know how to isolate a problem, PC ba o modem? They’ll ask you to check settings hanggang i-suggest na nila na ire-image mo system mo. Tama ba yun? They’re basically telling you that their device is not the problem, so either your PC/Laptop has a problem o ikaw na ang may problema. I’m not planning of staying with SBW for long, i’m just consuming my load that i bought for 1800+ with free modem.

    To Sun technical and sales, sorry for being rude but you’re not doing your job well and your company doesn’t deserve to last for another year or two.

  35. Hi Tisha

    I think I have the solution for your problem with reagards to the “Detecting Device”

    Nangyari na kasi sakin yan many times, and napansin ko lang nag shohow itong message na ito when the Device (SBW Modem) itself gets hot, what I do, I put a fan directly to my laptop and the device.

    Please inform me if this helps 🙂

  36. Hi, what I normally do when my internet goes slow is to clear my cookies and temp files, I use Glary’s Utility to clear this things up. Pag walang nag bago, nasa ISP side na ang kabagal 🙂

  37. Hi totcham

    I don’t think it’s good to use portable broadband for online gaming, mas maganda parin ang cable connection when it comes to online games, I tested Smart Bro, Tatoo and SBW all has the same problem when it comes to online gaming, it’s super lag 🙂

  38. Just Got Sun USB connected internet yesterday… when i signed up they told me it would take within 24 hours for activation of the sim…i got it by 1pm..and when i got home, i started to connect it but i know i cannot gain connection in that very hour.. i patiently and will be patiently waiting till 24 hours.. when 7pm that night came i tried to connect and got and error 619 so i decided to call Customer Tech Support telling them about the problem..just out of curiousity i asked if the the sim was already activated.. well, this proved that as early as little hours SUN can provide you wireless Broadband..the Tech rep told me to re insert the sim and reconnect it to the USB port.. yes I HAVE BROADBAND less than the expected timeframe they provided.. connection was okay.. but, yes this aint good for gaming..but maybe for other donwloads its pretty good.. im downlaoding music and within 24 hours i got lots of music stored on my pc…thanks to SUN.. i do hope that sooner this connection can support gaming.. im an online game addict.. hehehehe..

  39. hi guys… I think the problem would be on the suns fair usage policy, i heard US also has these problems, they’re capping on people who use too much traffic, so in a sense, its not really unlimited internet. Try to check on the net neutrality law and I think what your experiencing falls under those category. I’m currently browsing using sun post paid plan’s mobile internet and planning to get the SBW unlimited plans to be bundled with my phoneline. Browsing on my mobile phone is acceptable if you’ll just be checking e-mails, google maps, podcasting seems ok but do have problems when I try to use my phone as a modem. I guess I’ll use it for those types alone. Will be writing more with the net neutrality law on my blog as soon as I can find the time to do it.

  40. We’re based in Makati and hoped to use Sun as an emergency line on the frequent occasions when PLDT gives problems – i.e., whenever it rains, there’s an earth tremor, or any other minor event.

    Anyway first few days of Sun were great, but now it is often down to that well-known speed – ‘timeout’.

    Not much purpose subscribing to ‘timeout’. You can get that for free.

  41. its better than smart or globe for its has unlimited plan for only 799,,, the speed is just alright… same with smart and globe… it depends where u are located… mabagl din ang smart lagi mp down ung system at nauubos pera ko sa kanila kakaload…tapos walang akong nagagwa most of the time kc down mabagal… depende sa oras at lugar… minsan ung place n dating ok ang signal may times n worst ang nagyayari may signal wlang info n pumapasok ubos load lang… at least ang sun unlimited pedeng sulitin ang 799 for 1 month…

  42. Hello, I can do unlocking (Huawei USB Modems only) just give me a call if you are interested for only P50 each Huawei USB Modem. This is a remote unlocking and you can do it your own and put the code.

    So what are you waiting for? now you can use any type of Broadband operator sim card on one single modem.

    Please call 09227411507 please include your model# & your IMEI#


  43. hello!

    share ko lang experience ko so far… my friend and i just got our sbw last sunday. she’s residing in Alabang, ako sa Makati.

    So far, no problems encountered for both of us.

    Sa side ko, OK ang download speed (umaabot ng 100++ kbps per file sa direct and torrent download, around 12am), bearable ang lag sa Perfect World, ok lang din ang surfing speed, and wala pa ata akong sudden DCs sa connection ng internet.

    peak hrs: 100-300 kbps ang connection..
    off-peak hrs: umaabot ng 2mbps…

    Sana lang d babagal ang connection ko after a while.. 😀

  44. I am also dissapointed with SBW. Sobrang bagal mag connect and mag download. I have called and inquired regarding this problem pero la nman nangyayari. I am planning to terminate nlang my contract with them.

  45. SBW is a good thing, I got this 12/21/2009. I just wanna share the experience I got w/ my new SBW plan 799, its a great experience since I got 3.6mbps, and i think it ‘s more faster than the other post above. Good for downloads and video streaming.

  46. @Sam

    After a month or so I guess you will join the rage against SBW :)) I am not disappointed with SBW but sometimes SBW Sucks or should I say, most of the time :))

  47. Sun Broadband is the worst. They would bill you for service they didn’t give.
    I’m a victim of their “bill manipulation” (sending bills late, cutting your line) the bill you for their “service” which didn’t happen anyways.
    They SUCK. Big Time!

  48. Hello everyone,

    Need help.

    I had Windows 7 Ultimate Beta before but my laptop crashed and I installed full version after, Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit.

    I have ZTE HSDPA USB Stick MF627 and it was working fine before but after the reformat, I can no longer install it. When i run the setup, this always comes up:

    An error (-5005 : 0x800703ee) has occured while running the setup.

    Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other application. If the error still occurs, please contact vendor.

    Error Code: -5005 : 0x800703ee
    Error Information:
    >Kernel\KernelMedia.cpp (95)
    >SetupNew\setup.cpp (836)
    PAPP:MODEM device

    I tried installing it in compatibility mode but same

    I tried searching online for a driver but hasn’t found one that works.

    I will appreciate any suggestion.


  49. i’m very disappointed with the service… pag tumatawag ka sa tech support nila para ipa troubleshoot yung issue mo sa mabagal na connection they would just ask you to delete the cookies…. sobrang bagal ng connection at hindi sken sinabi na ililimit nila ang bandwidth mo pag nagtorrent ka…WTF… check nyo nlang speedtest ko para maniwala kayo,,,

    off peak na ganyan pa din kabagal



  51. I’m sun broad band wireless user., last January 2010., When my anti virus updated., I found trojan and adware virus in the usb of sun broadband, I go to the nearest sun outlet in park square in makati., and report the issue., they have no solution., so i go home and open my connection again., and like magic, virus gone., and my connection speed is really fast., then day after, the connection is too slow again. I think they put again a virus with updated version so it will not be detected, I think they using virus to broadband to manipulate the connection speed., would you believed most of the time i can’t open my email because the connection speed fluctuating 0 kbps – 12 kbps., and they give me a really headache., I tried to cut my line totally, but they told me i can’t get the reserved payment they get to me.

  52. Dont ghet SBW, They SUCK BIG time, especially if you in Marikina.

  53. Dont get SBW, They SUCK BIG time, especially if your in Marikina.

  54. Get SBW! It’s not the BEST but BETTER than other telcos…
    Here in our area in Caloocan North,
    The only provider with HSDPA 3G coverage with 5 strong bars…

    Unlike SMART and GLOBE…walang signal or at least may 1 bar

    Mabagal ang SUN pag peak hours but 1.5 mbps sa madaling araw…

    Yung SMART at GLOBE parehong wala!!!
    Ayan ha! pinromote ko ang SBW…
    Improve my bandwidth…

  55. Give time for the improvements. Hindi naman magikero ang SUN in just a snap mapapablis nila ang connection nor make miracles. Hopefully they will resolve whatever issues they have in a timely manner.

  56. SBW user ako. i live here in cainta rizal pero nagagamit ko naman ng mabilis ang broadband ko. nkkpgdownload pa nga ako eh. kahit torrent. nagagamit ko din ang SBW ko sa angono at sa antipolo. kung tutuusin mas mabilis pa nga ang SBW compare mo sa ibang networks eh. kc may friend ako na smart ang gamit. sa manila area na nga siya ang bagal mag-upload ng mga pictures. but ung SBW ko ang bilis bilis. no problem there. maganda ang service ng SBW sa akin.

  57. Hayz Grabe..ganda ng sbw..ang ganda..
    Sana ayusin nlng nila service.

  58. what if the signal of suncell is weak at specific area, is the wireless broadband signal affected?

  59. Pinakasulit tlga Sun Broadband, considerinf he price, mas mganda if may postpaid account ka para P649 lang monthly, unli pa. Un nga lang may FUP, kaya bilang na bilang ung bandwith m. Nonetheless, preferred ko Sun. Minsan nga lang 1 week max ang topak, as in mabagal, minsan may off peak ng 2pm, parang offpeak kapag madaling araw, mabilis ung torrent, direct download, even videos.
    After 18 months, I think naka 100 movies na ako, at least 700mb each, so sulit tlg. Yun nga lang, parang may limit cla sa downloaded content, parang cap space. Ok din naman CSR, mga 90% effective, malas m lang kapag natyempuhan m yung walang alam.
    Kaya sa mga SBW users, sulitin niyo tlga yung 2mbps ng Sun, never ko p kasi nareach 1mbps sa speedtest. Kung hundi, lugi kayo habang yung iba sulit.

  60. wala po bang kahit katiting na improvement sa broadband este sa mala dial up speed ng tinatawag nio na broadband? last year pa kasi kame nag aantay kung magkakaron ng kahit katiting na improvement sa broadband service nio! napansin ko lang kc na kung gaano kau kabilis mag accept ng application pra sa SBW e ganun naman kakupad ang pag handle nio sa mga complains ng mga subscribers nio!! nasasayang nmn kc ung 649 monthly nmin na binabayad kung ganyan lng ang serbisyo nio. wtf hanggang ngaun wala pa nga rin ung mag site visit na nangako na pupunta noong december pa! and sna check nio tong url na ito!

  61. Mahina kasi ang signal ng Sun Cellular sa Los Baños, ok naman kaya ang signal ng broadband nila? Dependent din ang broadband sa cell site di ba? Naghahanap kasi ang ng wireless internet connection na pwede kong madala kahit saan lupalop ng mundo, or Pinas for that matter. Thanks.

  62. wala pa bang sumasagot dito.
    An error (-5005 : 0×800703ee) has occured while running the setup.
    ganyan din kc error ko e.

  63. BTW windows vista pala os ko

  64. scam lang tong sun broadband. wla hiya khit mdaling araw ng ng lalag prn. tpos pg 12 nn halos d mo n mgamit. 2kbps nlng ata bwesit tlga. balak ko ng pa terminate itong contract ko feeling ko scam lang ito acept cla ng acept samantlang d naman cla ng uupgrade. sayang lang pera nyo d2. mniwala kau skn.

  65. @bernard
    plano ko sana mag subscribe sa SBW dahil full bar lagi ang sun signal sa amin (Cainta, Rizal), pero nagdadalawang isip na ko.

    kahit ba malakas signal sa area ninyo mabagal pa din SBW?

  66. buti na lang at nakita ko itong link na ito regarding SBW. balak ko pa namang mag avail nito. pero depende din ata sa area kung mabilis ang connection, di ba? how about ung pldt na we roam? ok kaya un?

  67. I read these reviews prior to buying the plan 799. It got me thinking initially, then I realized that the majority of satisfied users would probably not post on this thread, thus lending a somewhat biased slant to the review.

    Admittedly, I’ve only been using it for the past 2 weeks, but I can say that I’m a happy user. We have at least 2 computers using it (via wifi router from huawei) and the connection is great. I live within the Makati CBD and work in QC (within Teacher’s Village) and in both places, I can reach up to 2Mbps (sometimes higher) even during peak hours.

    I guess the caveat for SBW is all about location. Signal is pretty okay in Alabang as well.

    24/7 unlimited internet rocks!

  68. my friend applied for a SBW last monday lang. ayun, gumana ng tues. night. pero AFTER 30 MINUTES, nagloko na ang sun niya. it’s still connected pero she can’t surf the net! she needs to disconnect then connect again, pero still, after 30 minutes, nagloko na. she even restarted her laptop then connect again, but still, ganun pa din ang nangyayari. We do have sun too. It works ok naman, pero kasi, they said that a sun cell site is near our area. kaya siguro fast ang sun na ito. but sometimes, bumabagal din siya. it’s unfair kung ung ibang place sa metro manila na nga lang, ganun pa, mabagal pa. how much more kung sa province na diba?

  69. @Ed – you work within teacher’s village? i live within teacher’s village too. kaya mabilis ang SBW mo is because may malapit na sun site dito. i’m not sure nga lang kung saan banda dito. kaya mabilis ang sun namin and sun na gamit mo. ayun. but sana, gawan nila ng paraan para maayos yun. napaka unfair for other users. waste ng time and money.

  70. nakakainis ang sun sa cambridge village, cainta…halos 3 weeks ko diin nagamit pero naturingang broadband mas mabilis pa ang isp bonanza dial up card. natatandaan ko every 7 am lang nag hsdpa ang signal tapos sa buong magdamag and maghapon edge lang.jan 31,2010 ako na pa subscribe ng postpaid. then minalas ako,
    nawala ko yung dongle around last week ng feb.dumating yung first bill ko,deadma lang di ko na binayaran kasi panget naman ng service ,di ako nag karoon ng matinong connection..besides 1 month advance ang binayad ko sa initial cashout na 1,600
    something…since may smart na ako I never bothered
    na mg pa disconnect knowing na pag hindi ka na nagbyad ng bill,puputulin na lang line mo….then the
    other day …dumating yung bill ko worth 2000 plus…
    and na disconnect na pala yung service ko since march 25 for non-payment pero continous pa rin ang
    billing ko after april 20…so kahit wlang service continous pa rin ang pag bill sau unless mag pa disconnect ka….adding insult to the injury yan…na highblood na nga ako sa connection nila kasi never ppa akong nag karoon ng matinong connection tapos na disconnect na may bayad pa rin….now i know kung bakit may 1 month deposit sila….kasi ina aasume nila na within 1 month mag disconnect na yung customer nila sa panget ng service nila

  71. Hello everyone!

    I availed Sun broadband last week, with the white usb dongle.
    For the first 5 – 6 days i was impressed, it was running at around 450 – 650kbs which is pretty good and it would sometimes spike to well over 1000kbs.
    But, then it all started to go horribly wrong, it never gets above 200kbs now but with a meager average of 80kbs.
    2 Reasons..
    1st. They allow you plenty of bandwidth for the first week so that you don’t mosey on down and cancel within the 7 days cooling off period.
    2nd. It’s been capped because i’m over using it.

    Whatever the reasons, it’s totally wrong. i use the device at my clinic in Robinsons Ermita, since Robinsons own SUN Cellular i would expect it to be good here.
    I will be going down to the offices to shout loudly and NO EXCUSES, because they only need to send a tech up to the 4th floor clinic!

    If anyone thinks its something im doing wrong then please let me know..
    All the best,
    John Walmsley

  72. I am totally frustrated with sun cellular now. Dati its super fast, maaga ang peak hours niya. Ngayon, gahd! 5-6am na lang mabilis ang internet. I live in paranaque, ganito ba talaga?


    It is a worst thing! you pay 799 and we are very much short changed, for a diff of another 200pesos you get a better broadband service… pls if you have a plan, a friend, a relative, spread this news that sun broadband service suck! they got bad customer service! it totally a scam they promise 3.2mbps and i got 0-30kbps , i am located at the heart of manila which is sta cruz manila… PLEASE SUN Incorporated hear our prayer fulfill your promise to give us 3.2-3.6mbps dont scam us….

  74. done with all the trouble shootings i.e remove cookies, malaware etc.. just searching yahoo. google, hotmail email will take the wholeday imagine 0-20 to 32kbps!!!! sun broadband is a scam, i tell you it is a scam! the company is a scam! the customer service is a scam! the family who owns it is a scam! DTI, BIR, PNP, DOTC, ABS-CBN, GMA7, NBI, NOYNOY, SENATE, Please look into these scams i pay on time and people got scammed… scammers go to jaiL!

  75. grabe! i have the same experience with “aftercall”… dati super bilis nang connection, it deteriorated after a few months, then na disconnect and I am being billed continuously kahit na alang service na provided!!!!! WTF!!!

  76. i am not a heavy used because i just usually use the sun broadband for my blogs, so far ok naman. minsan mabagal nga sa youtube. its not so bad though

  77. don’t use sun broadband wireless
    nakaexperience na ba kayo na 0.27 kbps ng download matinong serbisyo ba yun? walang signal ng gabi at madaling araw.. kapag umaga at hapon swerte mo lang kapag nagkanet ka na.. gumamit ako wala pang 1 week poor signal na ang narereceive ko every time na y gumagamit ako.. tanggap lang sila ng tanggap ng customer kahit yung signal nila ay malayo pla sa area ng customer.. sana man lang nagpparemind sila sa customer na medyo malayo yung area ng customer sa signal nila.. gara tlaga para kang nagtatapon ng pera sa basura kaya nga may pera tlaga sa basura……

  78. Sun Broadband is my worstest purchase so far. The speed is sooo slow that I end up losing my patience. I can’t even download an attachment whenever I need to send an email. I just waste my money by buying this broadband. Nagsisisi talaga ako at bumili pa ‘ko.

  79. PLEASE DONT SUBSCRIBE THE SUN BROADBAND ITS my BIGGEST MISTAKE and BIG WASTE of MONEY… from 9am-3am I received 0-10kbps a miserable life for me specially if I am doing my research for 799 I DONT saved any for a difference of 200 I can received abetter service from pldt or smart… Please STOP Subscribing SUN LET US PUNISHED the SCAMMERS! mga BIG TIME CORPORATE HOOLIGANS AND THIEF ang OWNER ng SUN….

  80. hi mga sirs ngayon ngayon lng ako gumamit ng sbw and In have read the posts here… now for torrents try to uncheck randomize ports in the settings tsa yung NAT-PMP port mapping tas palitan nyo yung port to 80… base sa experience ko this bypasses sun’s threshold… ngaun dl speed ko in torrents is 200kbps minimum… para naman sa madalas na disconnect try nyo gawin to Go to…
    1. Options
    2. Network
    3. Network Type => change from WCDMA preferred to WCDMA only
    4. Band = All bands
    5. Connect it.
    kaya kasi ngdidisconnect ngcycycle ang connection from hspda tska gsm… so this will solve that problem… sana makatulong

  81. tsaka nga pala FYI dl speed ko from torrents ay from 10kbps naging 200 plus nung ginawa ko yun…hehe

  82. Pambihira tong SBW.. mabagal p sa dial-up..

    mabilis lnag sa madaling araw. pucha… kung gusto mo ma-experience ang pinagmamayabang nilang “up to 2mbps” kailangan mong maging nocturnal o kaya vampire…

    at eto pa.. Manila area ako sa Sta. Mesa..

    ano b yan… usually 0.00kbps-11.++kbps lang ang download speed.. then after 5min magiging 30-50kbps tatagal lang yan ng mga 20sec.max then babalik sa 0.00kbps-11.++kbps.. diba malala p sa dial-up.. isang maling desisyon. pinagpilian kc namin and SBW at WiTribe, sana nag-Witribe nlng kami….

  83. kla ko ako lng nkakaxprience ng bad service ng SBW (Super Bagal WatdFuck!),

  84. d bale, 1 month n lng tpos n Lock-in period ko!

  85. hindi na maganda dito sun sa amin… nung una maganda… pero after nung bagyo last week of july wala na… hindi na stable ang net sa online games ma ddc ka nlng bigla. tapos pa nag youtube ka nman mas makupad pa sa pagong ang net… naka2pag taka full nman ung signa la nya HSDPA pero ung speed nya 0.00 to 23.0 KBPS hindi stable amfuta!!! sorry for the badword pero its starting na to get on my nerves tong lintik na sun… sana maus nila toh bago ako lumipat sa iba…….

  86. by the way sa angono rizal pala loc FYI lng ahehehee!!! MISTAKE MISTAKE MISTAKE!!! WTF SUN BROADBAND….

  87. Hi ever1, i’m planning to buy a net, ano po ba ang dapat kong bilhin kasi balak ko sana bilhin sun e, kaso nung nabasa ko ung mga comment nyo parang ayoko na sa sun, baka po pede nyo akong mabigyan ng payo kung ano ang maganda.

    Pandacan Manila Area here.


  88. maganda ‘tong sun SBW mag download lang ako ng mozilla na 8.2MB ang size nag consume ako ng 30-45min what duh…

    sa mga taga paranaque dyn, kung mag avail kayo ng sun SBW
    mag isip isip po kayo…

  89. Super useless ang Sun broadband… Biggest mistake…

  90. Don’t buy SUN!!!super bagal!!!!the first 2 weeks,ok anf speed,i was really impressed kc it was faster tha smart but after that,intermittent na connection ko and grabeh,nakakaiyak ang speed= 0.014mbps ang upload at mas mababa pa ang download which is 0.013mbps!!!the impossible happened to me too,never in my life ko naisip na talagang may ISP that can provide you 0.00 kbps/mbps!their TSR sucks!!!i always optimize my browser,ran cc cleaner/disk cleanup and defragment, i even uninstalled my OS because i thought baka may sira na laptop ko which i got this feb lang.ang nkakabwisit pa,laging the device is disconnected or unavailable ang nagpapop,u need to insert the usb several times before it detects the device then their tsr will say your usb port is the problem eh if i unplug their usb and put other usb,nagwowork naman!at ang wait time sa outlet nila sa MOA,my gosh!it will really test the ;patience of a saint!!! I’m in mandaluyong and most of the time,i’m insomniac so i’m up till morning and anytime of the day,di man lang umabot ng 1MBPS connection ko.syet!dapat magsara na lang sila kung di nila keri magprovide ng magandang service!

  91. paano kaya ito mapapaabot sa DTI, PNOY, J.P.Enrile, naka3 ISP na ako lahat hindi maibigay ang tamang serbisyo, duon pa lang sa “UP TO 2 MBPS”, talo kana, bakit??? kasi puede nila itong idahilan, “kaya nga sir up to 2 Mbps lang!”, kaya lang wala ka magagawa yon ang nakalagay sa contract… Speaking “contract”, sir ENRILE sana mabasa o may makapagparating sayo nito para magawan niyo ng paraan jan sa senado,, dati sa SMART 1year ngaun ginawa nilang 2 years bukod pa dun (smart globe o sun) sa unpisa lang mabilis syempre tuwang-tuwa ka, hindi mo alam 1 month, 6 month, niloloko kana nila, bkit??? parang sasakyan lahat sila overloaded na, pasakay pa ng pasakay, kaya ngaun lubog,,, dami ko ng perang nasasayang, sa globe wimax 1 month lang pinaputol ko na, langya naman ang agent nila may 1 month monry back guarantee pala hindi man lng ako inalok, hayun my babayaran p ako P1.2K..
    im currently using SBW, sabi ng CSR pagkatpos maipakita sakin n may signal sa area nmin, “sir hindi puede ibalik ang unit”, ok lang sakin kasi wala ako mahiraman ng unit,, sa smart nman mgtetest muna sila,, ok sana pero nadala ako sa wimax ng globe…
    sir libu-libo na nagagastos ko sa mga ISP nato,, puede ba gawan nio ng paraan para maibigay sa consumer ang tamang serbisyo..
    hindi ko maituloy complaint ko sa site ng DTi may attachemnt na kailangan, pero sa haba ng blog dito sana maniwala sila..
    maraming salamat..



  93. palpak, ang bagal, mabilis lang pag 4 to 6 a.m…. tapos wala na… sayang ang pera ko….kung pagkain sana nabusog pa ako………………….

  94. please dont buy sun……..sayang lang money… high blood ka pa…..sayang din kuryente. wala ka mapapala….mag internet shop na lang kayo or PLDT DSL.

  95. sun…. sucks….please dont buy sun…. grabe… magagamit mo lang siya ng 4 am to 6 am… tapos basura na… putol putol at sobrang bagal…. sayang ang pera at kuryente…

  96. putangna nyo sun…..palpak


  98. sira ang araw ko dahil sa sun… mamamatay ata ako ng maaga sa kunsumisyon……..please dont get sun braodband……..para sa inyo din ito……..

  99. hahahaha binabalak ko pa naman bumili nang SBW pero nung nabasa ko to na DISAPPOINT aq… salamat sa mga nag comment d2… hindi q masasabing pangloloko lang oh black propaganda lang ang mga nka post dito sa dami nang taong nag post hahahaha… looking for a good ISP…

  100. ok naman ang sun dito sa Cebu, pero true yung sabi nila na after 1 month, the speed will gradually go down.

    tska ngayon, for 3 weeks na, i can’t upload anything more than 100Kb. ewan ko kung bakit. i tried globe tattoo, ok naman yung uploading ng pics although they’re compressing the images.

    wala yatang matinong wireless internet service dito sa pinas.

  101. grabe it’s difficult to upload and even in opening a browser
    . mabagal ba talaga ang sun ???
    haist!!! 😦

  102. Mark,

    You sound like a dork. Before you start being a know-it-all again, check your grammar.

  103. Oo nga, sa Muntinlupa area ako, hindi ako nakakonek ng 24 hours.

    Malungkot si kuli.

    Sun Broadband. Sana magamit ko na.

  104. Yes!!! Thank you for posting this. I despise Sun SWB, it could be the worst coverage I’ve ever had. Coming from Canada I knew there would be some reduction in speeds because of the volume of traffic here in Manila (Mandaluyong) but this is freakin ridiculous!!!

    My average d/l speed during the day = 3-5 kb/s, after 11pm 10-12 kb/s. That’s terrible!!! For 799 a month?!?!?! I could tape a USB flash drive to a pigeon’s leg and let fly back to Canada faster than waiting for a video upload using this garbage.

    Now I know why the salesman was smiling when I was asking all those questions about consistent upload/download speeds, peak hour lag and PS3 compatability….he knew I couldn’t bring it back because they lock you in for 3 months once you walk out the door.

    To top it all off, there’s a GIANT inflatable PDLT DSL float right outside. It just sits there mocking me while I wait 21/2 hours for a youtube video to load.

    DO NOT USE SUN AS AN ISP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. We just bought a SBW prepaid na 1400+ ba yun, di ko na gustong maalala yung price e, anyways, eto naexperience ko… it sucks! from the first day mula ng kinabit ko sya sa pc namin isang beses pa lang me naka nood ng youtube ng tuloy tuloy, 3am pa ata yun at tumagal lang ng mga isang oras siguro. Up to 2mbps? Siguro nga umaabot ng ganun kaya lang dapat matsyambahan mo amp. Mas maraming beses ko pang nakita yung dl speed na 0 e. Don’t buy it. Sasakit lang ulo nyo.

  106. Thanks Guys…I was planning on switching from PLDT MyDSL to SUn kasi same speed with half the price but after what I’ve read so far I changed my mind…kahit mahal sa PLDT very consistent naman ang speed…im on Plan 1Mbps pero when i download torrent files madalas umaabot ng 1.2 mbps ang speed so i guess I’ll just change back to plan 990 na lang since di na naman ako masyado nagdodownload instead of switching to Sun Broadband…

  107. excuse me.. sun broadband gamit ko pero bakit download 0.00~150kbs lng upload 0.00~30kbs
    ganito ba talga oh my problem????

  108. excuse me.. sun broadband gamit ko pero bakit download 0.00~150kbs lng at upload 0.00~30kbs
    ganito ba talga oh my problem????

  109. 2 years na ko gumagamit ng sun pero ok naman.

  110. I bought SUN Broadband wireless Internet access when I went to the Philippines a month ago. I knew it was going to be slow. I wasn’t really expecting speeds like 3Mbps download and 1Mbps upload like I have on my iPhone in the US. But to my surprise, I was only getting 5kps and occasionally none at all like it’s disconnected or something. 5kbps is not even dial-up speed!

    No wonder why they are metering it by how much time you are using it. When I first learned about this, I thought that was odd. Usually, you are metered by the amount of data used and not by the amount of time you used it. I guess that explains it because they don’t really care what speed you’re connected to (even zero) as long as you’re using it, you get to pay.

    SUN Broadband wireless is a joke.

  111. Sun Wireless Broadband USB really sucks. Ilang buwan na naming pinagtsatsagaan last month na ngayong january, sa klase ng serbisyo nila hindi dapat ito 799/mo, dapat 200/mo lang ito. Palagi siya nadidiskonek, pag nagdadowload ka at malapit ka ng matapos madidiskonek pa, hindi rin mapakinabangan sa online games, yung nagbabalak jan na mag subscribe ang maipapayo ko sa inyo mag smart na lang kayo 999/mo lang naman tapos bumababa pa every year, mabilis pa ang download 50 kbps up. sayang ang 800 monthly.

  112. Very Good Site. Thnks.

  113. Have a tip – try PLDT We-Roam Plus. Super Fast ang connection. Isang click lang.

  114. I subscribed with the SUN BROADBAND last January and i’m VERY VERY VERY dissatisfied. I reported this via email because obviously the sun hotline is also very slow and you’ll wait forever just to talk to someone. I also complained in the branch where I bought the modem. They’ve tried the modem and still they don’t want to admit the super slow and unstable connection. Then one of the person told me about the anti-virus im using. He told me that the slow connection maybe because of the strict settings of the anti-virus… But I told him that I already tried turning off my anti-virus and windows firewall. Still the connection is the same and very slow. I’m very tired and my time is wasted just making this complain. For all the people out there…. Please think about this or should I say.. please don’t think about getting this SUN BROADBAND!!!! or you’ll be sorry forever…

  115. please do not buy. SUN braodband….super bagal… halos hindi umaandar



  118. I am a subscriber of Sun broadband for 2 years and their service is getting worst. For 2 weeks now, I can’t surf well. I cant even open a webpage that I usually go to. I complained to their CSR and all they do is say sorry. They will tell you to wait for 48hrs. Then after 48hrs, they will tell you to wait for 24hrs. They will say whatever reasons for you to hope and wait..

    I asked a technician and we found out that the reason why sun is slow is cuz their webpage is acting like a virus. Pumapatong ito sa mga websites na pupuntahan ninyo. Kaya mabagal. Yes, i test ninyo sa speed test para malaman ninyong niloloko lang kayo ng mga CSR nila. CSR will say there’s nothing wrong with their service and they will blame on your computer. My computer is almost a year old Macbook and there is nothing wrong with it. Their service really is getting worst. So for them to improve their service post your complaints on websites like this, facebook and twitter. Of course when a lot of people find out of their bad service madaming taong di na magsusubscribe sa kanila at masisira ang business nila. Kaya pagbubutihan nila ang service nila para di mangyari ito. And that goes to globe, smartbro and other broadbands with disatisfied customers. This is the power of the consumer. I hope they will realize that customer is king.

  119. Well after more than 2 weeks of complaining to sun, gumanda na ang connection ko. Lol, kailangan lang pala amuamuin mo mga CSR at kung mumurahin mo sila lalo kanilang gagantihan. Pinutol nila connection ko pagkatapos kong magalit. Siyempre feeling ko sobra na, tama. Tapos call ako sa kanila at complain na naman ako, sabi ko bakit 4hrs nyong dinisconnect internet ko. Sabi nila di naman daw dinisconnect. Tapos complain ako in a nice way, kasi wala na akong magagawa dahil naka-contrata ako for 24 months. So after a day, wow….mas bumilis pa sa dati connection ko. Kaya happy na ako ulit sa sun. Pero sana palitan na nang sun ang mga csr at technicians nilang nananadya. Di sila professional. Of course nagagalit tayong mga customers kasi di maayos ang trabaho nila. Nakakasira sila sa sun.

  120. Awts, I don’t find it true. As for me, We got this February of 2009 and it was fast only for 3 months. It takes me like an hour to surf on youtube for a 5-10 minute video. Our connection always get disconnected by itself. Tsaka kahit full yung signal sobrang bagal pa rin.

  121. Dito sa Antipolo city, when I download videos the fastest speed I get is 300kbps. Very often I get weird signal drops and mysterious disconnection episodes. Customer service asks way too many questions, hindi naman pala magagawan ng solusyon ang problema ang dami pang daldal. I have been complaining about sloooow browsing speeds since I got my unit Dec 2010, hanggang ngayon WALANG PAGBABAGO. Ang customer service ay walang maibigay na paliwanag kung bakit sablay ang serbisyo nila. Puro na lang “I will file a report sir…” and “…yan po ang sabi ng technical team namin sir.” Kung ayaw nyo mag mukhang GAGO, pagisipan nyong mabuti kung kukuha kayo ng p____ sun.

  122. help pls..
    i got a problem in sun broadband .. i cant install it, it says that ” An error ( .5005 x 0800703ee) has occured while running the setup.
    what should i do??
    thnx in advance

  123. Just bought sun broadband for my BRAND NEW laptop because i thought it wont be a money whore company like smart and globe who invests more on advertisements rather than their systems.

    But im so WRONG!

    Sun Broadband is the worst! even if its my first time to be subscribed on an isp. I can say its the WORST!!!

    i can get 100 – 200 kbps speed but on EDGE. never had an hsdpa
    and the tower just several meters from our place in batasan hills!! quezon city
    haha and before you say 100-200kbps wait i even take 48 minutes to post this message. HA! sun fails to stop me posting their idiotic scams.

  124. Hi im from davao, any comments on their prepaid service broadband, smartbro user pero ambagal na lalo pag araw. seems they monitor your usage and restrict your downloading.. need the speed for the price of about 1k a month.

    Using skybroadband 512 kbps, mabilis pero kulang pag download ng malalaking file.

  125. @mark – di ako nagssubscribe sa sun pro nabasa ko lang comment mo, bulok na ang grammar, bulok pa mga sinasabi mo.

  126. nakakainis ang sun boradband plug it .. pano ba naman ang galing magcharge sa bill… kahit di na nagagamit, nagcharge pa rin. nung pumunta na kami sa Sun Center na sabi namin ipapadisconnect sabi no need na dahil tapos na ang contract.. tapos today makakareceive kami ng Demand Letter sa isang Law Firm saying that we have to pay (2mos. na hindi na namin nagagamit) or else kakasuhan kami.. kakabanas tlga! KAYA WAG NA KAYO MAG-AAPLY ng SUN!

  127. I signed a 6 month broadband contract with Sun Cellular because I needed internet here in Lucena. It was an unlimited 24/7 plan. The service is down half the day every day. In my complaint process, I found the sales staff knew of the issues and did not disclose when I singed the contract. They will not cancel the contract nor give me any credit for down time. They told me I have to pay because I signed a contract. I have invested hours into resolving the issue. There is nothing I can do about it.

  128. Hi and Merry Christmas everyone! mag 1 month na ako using Sun broadband lite – postpaid plan 350 good for 60 hours a month and am very satisfied with it – I get average of 2mbps download speed on my usual surfing period between 9pm to 11pm.

    I used to have a postpaid plan I pay about P998 a month 2 years ago – that one I wasn’t happy at all. I suppose Sun either improved their infrastructure and bandwidth, or nabawasan ng subscribers kaya bumilis and surfing, or mas malakas ang signal where I am right now, or a combination of these factors.

    my location: near Don Antonio Heights, Commonwealth Ave. QC, Metro Manila
    my USB modem is a Huawei.
    my Operating system is UBUNTU Linux 11.10

  129. P#+@N6!N@ nitong SUN wireless broadband na’to na-scam ako! nung nagi-inquire pa lang ako puro matatamis na salita at pangako ang naririnig ko sa mga agent nila. kesho 3.6mpbs at hindi bumababa sa 1mbps ang connection, kesho malakas daw ang signal… shet nagpauto naman ako.. after ko magbayad para sa usb modem stick at 1 mo adcance payment… 35kbps? mas mabilis pa yung dial-up card na nabibili before..

    nakaka-disappoint talaga!

  130. its been month since i received this error 619. i have already tried (and still trying) every possible ways that i saw here in the internet. any idea??? hope someone could help me.

  131. I am new to SBW. I tried to place it on a 3g wireless router for me to share , currently I purchased the 899 thing , so I expect a good moderate speed , BTW , 899 is a price for a moderate speed I guess , I myself am an extreme gamer , but I usually play in internet cafes that have awsome speed!. Nevertheless my experience didn’t turned out quite well , for a speed of only 3.6mbps they promised was a complete lie , though they warned applicants that signals may vary differently to many regions in manila , If you really want fast speeds for online gaming games such as DoTA , LOL , HON , PointBlank , CF , Dragon Nest , Ran Online , ETC… I suggest a globe DSL that is inserted in a wireless router for loptops only. tried globe , its quite amusing , the dsl/wi-fi . My pings in my games are humbly low and I had no delays ever since , same for PLDT myDsL , I only purchased SBW because I recently stopped OL gaming , thanks for reading 😀

  132. I just had my SBW799 plan terminated earlier. Even though I had good 3G signal (I live in an elevated area near one base site) and nice PC specs, I consistently get 0.04MBps D/L, 0.02MBps U/L speeds (based on and more than 800ms ping time to either yahoo or google (using the ping command in a console terminal)!


  133. Very disappointing talaga ang SunBroadband Wireless 899 nila. nung unang activate ng subscription ko nasa 70 kbps. ok na sana ako kaso biglang bumagal after several hours, 10kbps na lang ang average speed. pag madaling araw nasa 40kbps ang burst speed nya. grabe sabi ko, hindi ako magbabayad ng 899 monthly para sa ganitong speed. ang ginawa ko nireklamo ko sa sun, sabi nila gagawan daw ng paraan, ipo-provision daw yung modem ko sa area kung nasaan lang ako naka stay, pero wala ding nangyari, sa loob ng 7 days binalik ko kagad pero ayaw nila tanggapin at first kasi wala daw refund. hindi naman pepwede yung ganun na 899 babayaran ko monthly tapos speed nila 10kbps lang? sobrang panloloko ang ginawa nila na 2mbps daw kuno ang speed. kalokohan talaga advertisement nila… kaya i switch to globe tatoo umaabot ng 2.5mbps burst speed nya. at stable sa online games at satisfied na ako sa globe. kaso ang problema lang eh matagal nila ibalik ang refund ko kasi daw hinahanapan pa daw nila ng kapalit o ma dispose yung kinuha kong plan. parang ang nangyari dyan eh, maghihintay muna ng subscriber nung plan na kinuha ko then ita-transfer na lang sa kanya yung account ko. pa balik balik ako sa sunshop. pag hindi ako nakatiis irereklamo koyan sila sa DTI.

  134. i agree wit buknoy. hhaahaha i will terminate my swb after 6 months. grrr

  135. Sabi nga ng isang review dito, this is not for gaming. Pero bakit naman ang *ahem* Smart (na hiniram ko pa sa classmate ko), almost 24++hours na ko nag aadik sa paglalaro e d parin nadidisconnect. Eto, everytime mag stormgust lang sa ragnarok pati ang connection nawawasak.

    Eeeew! tatapon ko na na to mamaya..

  136. Just done playing an online game with SBW.

    Word of warning: don’t subscribe to SBW.

    As simple as that. Please don’t give this company the money they don’t deserve.

    They are just going to enjoy your hard earned cash buying fancy sh*t for their f*cking family in exchange for scamming a whole f*cking nation with their shoddy internet service.

    I hope Comcast or Verizon was here to save us. All our ISPs got us cornered with their scams. They have conspired to milk the most out of us and provide the WORST INTERNET SERVICE so they can have minimum overhead expenses and still have MAXIMUM PROFIT. (f*ckshet ryt?)

    Even Ghana and WAR-TORN Syria has FASTER INTERNET than us despite the fact that we have advanced undersea cables. Contention ratio is probably 100:1 means that you SHARE your ‘up to 2mbps’ speed with 99 OTHER SUBSCRIBERS which explains the 0kbps downloads, lag spikes and mysterious disconnections.

  137. Oh and also.. The government just don’t give a sh*t about our consumer rights since they can just extort the sh*t out of these companies and forget about the whole ordeal.

    What do you expect from CHINESE bosses?
    “Maximum Profit = Low Quality”

    No sh*t sherlock!

  138. Is there any solution for ” Error 619 ” ??
    sabi kase nila tumawag daw sa CSR , yung iba naman sabi Maintenance daw ang Sun kaya ganon..

    mga Master , do you have any solution for this Problem? pa PM naman po sa Yahoo ko..

    thanks in Advance..

  139. guys, im from cebu city at sobang bagal ng sbw ko, even midnights 90kbps lng ang binibigay nya, equivalent yun sa about 11 KBps..sobrang bagal talaga..please help

  140. hello guys! newbie here :s im currently using windows 7 ultimate 64bit on my desktop and i have
    this problem on my sun broadband wireless huawei e1550 whenever i connect to the
    internet it will be connected and every after 5-10 minutes it disconnects. in the pc
    its still connected but the modem is already disconnected, ive searched the net
    and cant find any solutions, called sun customer care and they keep on saying to
    reinstall reinstall and reinstall not much of a help. i started using the broadband on my laptop
    same OS and its perfectly working, tried it on xp and still working,dunno whats the problem.
    i noticed that in device manager of my laptop [IMG][/IMG] there is this broadcom thingy where in my pc theres none;. i hope you can help me thanks in advance

  141. Not only is SBW excruciatingly slow, I have just found out that they cap Youtube which means they limit its download rate so you can’t watch without buffering every 3 seconds, it’s ridiculous. They also re-scale high-resolution images on the Internet in order to save their bandwidth that means you won’t be able to download any full quality images. When it comes to gaming, forget about it… The only time the speed is acceptable is between 1am and 5am and even then, that’s not a guarantee. For them, it’s all about the money guys. It’s just money, money, money! doesn’t matter if everyone else gets frustrated, they just wouldn’t upgrade their systems and hardware to provide better service and NTC doesn’t give a flying ƒuck about our rights. We’re totally screwed for a country who boasts a lot of BPO locators. Many other less-developed countries have better Internet speeds and we’re stuck with these companies who care nothing but to get their hands deep into our pockets for the sh1tty services they provide. Our local ISPs might as well stop providing Internet access altogether and give way to foreign companies who can provide better.

  142. thanks guys, i was about to subscribe to their 799 plan, but after seeing almost a zillion angry customers, definitely have decided to keep our globe subscription instead

  143. Globe is usually okay with 1 user, hell i even used it to play ps3 with my friends abroad, but of course the there is always lag, didn’t really have that much expectation from ISPs in Philippines. Globe Wimax gets a speed boost midnight afterwards but during the day its nothing i can’t handle. I know Globe’s DSL is second to PLDT’s mydsl, but i dont think Globe’s DSL will ever be offered around here. PLDT’s new Fibr seems excellent but it’s way too expensive.

  144. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my iPad and tested to see if it
    can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a
    youtube sensation. My iPad is now broken and she has 83 views.

    I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  145. Wew naaawa ako sa SBW sa dami ng negative comments kasi mabilis naman cia pag madaling araw (talagang sa umaga ako gising pag walang pasok).. Ganun kabagal itong SBW ung tipong ikaw pa ang mag-aadjust ng tulog para ma gamit mo ung internet nila.

    Dinedemonstrate ko sa mga friends, family and co-workers ko ung speed nia, talagang nadidismaya sila but it’s okay kasi marami akong nailigtas na potential frustrated customer ng company na ito.

    Nagkaroon kami ng DIAL-UP dati tulad nung mga ISP bonanza tsaka ung mga niloloadan pa ng card sa landline na MAS MABILIS pa dito as in parang stone-age ng internet tong SBW lalo na pag sikat na sikat na ung araw bandang 10am-7pm sobrang bad3p.

    Overall, unless you really want mobile internet and travel a lot, I dare you to try this broadband stick and see if you can handle the frustration otherwise just stick to dial-up mas mabilis un kaysa SBW pramis 😦

    Sana nababasa ng mga taga-SUNcel toh para alam nila na sobrang bagal nila. If nag-improve ang service babawiin ko lahat ng sinabi ko dito pero di na ako umaasa kasi pera-pera lang yan para sa kanila. Be wise and stay away from slow ISPs guys, the money is not worth the frustration pag it takes 20 secs to just open google search much more if you play or worse if you make a living out of the internet. You’ve been warned.

  146. Oh by the way, regarding my comment sa taas, para sa mga nakakaalam, naka-HSDPA pa ako nian pero mas mabagal pa sa dial-up. I know enough about computers that I make sure that no auto-updates are running in the background, no downloads are active, no other device is using the internet, etc. pero talagang sobrang slow ng SBW. “Caveat Emptor” (Buyer Beware) mga kabayan.

  147. Sinisingil ako ng sun sa services na hindi ku naman ginamit, Sabi nila hindi ku naman daw pina terminate yung contract sa kanila. Umabot ng 3000 ang bill ko . Pero dinisconnect na nila yung broadband 2 months after di na ako nagbayad. Bago daw nila iterminate yung contract bayaran ku daw muna bill ko. This is blackmail. Bakit ko babayaran yung bill nila kung di ko naman nagamit yung services nila.
    Legal ba itong ginagawa nila? kanino ba ako pwedeng mag-complain? pwedeko bang iignore yung bill na hindi ako madedemanda? Please help ..thanks lester

  148. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now
    each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  149. Sun Broadband’s so slow, by the time Google loads up you would have forgotten what you’re searching.

  150. There are many free file sharing and movie download sites that advertise free movies.
    To take matters into her own hands and figure how to get herself that ring.

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  151. Then you will notice it everywhere, merely because individuals are genuinely receptive as
    soon as you exude the Tao Of Badass.

  152. Complaints about Sun Broadband should be sent to NTC, National Telecommunications Commission.

  153. Hello every one, here every person is sharing such know-how, therefore it’s pleasant to read
    this website, and I used to visit this weblog all the time.

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