Opera: Speed Dial


Speed Dial give us a quick access to web site, we can save our favorite site in speed dial in 3 steps:

1. Create a new tab by clicking on the plus button on the right of your tabs.

2.Click a blank Speed Dial slot.

3. Select a Web site from the pop up or enter the address directly below.

Drag and Drop

Another tip is just drag and drop the tab in the corresponding box.


More Speed Dial Box

To add additional speed dial box go to Help>About Opera


Copy the Opera Directory and close Opera web browserabout-opera-box

Go to My Computer>Paste to address box


Open speeddial.ini file with notepad or any text editor program


Then paste this:



Then save it and open Opera and check the changes, you can edit it to 3 rows and 4 columns.

Setting Speed Dial as Home Page

Go to Tools>Preference or press Ctrl+F12


Under General Tab go to Startup>Start with black page


Keyboard Shortcut

For speed dial short cut, you can press Ctrl+T to open new tab as speed dial and press Ctrl+”number” to open the corresponding speed dial number box.

ex. Ctrl+1

That’s it, if you want to add some tips like this one feel free to give me a comment or email me at obedcutaran@gmail.com





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