DoTA Key Mapping

Everytime I watch my friends play dota I always wonder how they use dagger, BoT, or Guinsoo without clicking the item nor pressing the numberpad. With a little research and hours of googling and garenaing (lol) I found my answer!

Its the inventory A+ a 200kb file size, after you download the file you will see a H logo in the taskbar.


When playing dota just hold the alt+(coresponding letter) to use the key mapping, here’s an example pic I grabbed from


To deactivate the key mapping program just right click the H logo and select exit.



26 Responses

  1. i can download your program

  2. Send me your email and I’ll forward the program to you, I can’t find a host or a mirror its just a 200+kb file size

  3. this my email

  4. can you send one for me?? here’s my email..

  5. hirz my email,.
    hope u will send it,.thanks

  6. this is my email send me the hotkey

  7. please send it to me also..

  8. mine too, can u send it to me

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    thx gbu

  12. this is my e-mail can you please send it to me?

  13. this is my email
    please send it to me..

  14. Hi, could you be so kind as to send me the program as well? Very much appreciated! Thx! =)

  15. Sorry, forgot to include my email –

  16. hey send me the file too… heheh pls i’ve been looking for this in all places..

  17. hey me to send me your program

  18. hi
    please send to me

  19. sir,.ican’t find your download link..this is my e’
    can you please send the keymapper to me?thank you very much

  20. do you have the script of that program? the health bars are not workiing.. maybe you should add script to show ally/enemy health bars..

  21. here’s my email
    can you send me the hotkey plz…

  22. may I got one either ?? ^^a

  23. вы не могли бы мне отправить эту программу вот мой Адрес

  24. could you send me this program here’s my address

  25. could you send me this program?here’s my email

  26. please send to me

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