Another reason I hate the new iPod Shuffle

Ok ok, here are the things why I hate the new iPod Shuffle:

1. Its stupidly plain

2. There are only three buttons (+/- volume and the center button)

3. Buttons in earphones

4. Can’t use other earphones

Hey here’s a new one,

5. its so much user-friendly (ok, I’m being sarcastic)


Yeah the iPod Shuffle controls, it’s not that hard to memorize but hey, the first time you use it, it’s’ not Apple.

via CrunchGear


One Response

  1. […] Yet this is not from Apple itself, a company called Computer Choppers give more life in the new iPod Shuffle. Not only pimping it with engravings you can actually choose a variaty of colors ranging from $129 to plating it for $200. Its still a nice deal to costumize you iPod Shuffle but still, will you buy the new iPod Shuffle? […]

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