Francis M sings in Para Sa Masa


I heard this song way back 2004 or 2005 when I was still in highschool. There are handfull of popular artisit that sing in this song, but again, the best part is when Francis Magalona raps, I had a goose bumps when I first heard this song and until now I want the part when mr. three stars and the sun raps in this song.

Here listen to the music

Watch out for francis at 4:00


7 Responses

  1. shocked & depressed when i heared that news about francis m.(passed away)i just can´t believe this.the truth is i´m one of those of his fans.condolence to her family y relatives.may he rest n peace.goodbye…..francis m.

  2. grabe sina pit ni kikoT_T

  3. greatness! kudos to master rapper may he rest n peace yo!

  4. hindi aq mka pniwala agd nang pumanaw na ang master rapper natin nalunkot tlga aq ng mblitaan q…

  5. sa totoo lng ang ganda ganda tlga ng mga songs na ating master rapper lgi ko ngang pinakikinggan ehhhhh!!!!!

  6. even f u’r gone,ur memories WILL olweiz remain in pur hearts…!!



  7. he was allways been my favorite artist even when i was still young boy. back when i first saw him sang mga kababayan ko in kwarta o kahon in that instan i idolized him an till now, from song to song every line he wrote has a touch of poetic genuise! one of the consious artist u’ll ever miss performing in a stage. try listning to “lab song” it’s not a rap song but dam it feels gud to love somebody if you heard this song…… I’m truly a Hip-Hop fan, and the great Francis M. stood more than that. Rap In Peace mister Francis M. you are one of the greatest artist ever stood in any stage in the whole world.!

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