Pimp Your iPod Shuffle!


Yeah yeah yeah, you made a new iPod Shuffle, oh it’s nice oh it’s small how much you praise it, it’s still lifeless, dull, plain and boring.

Good thing there’s a person who’s more artistic than Apple (take that!), petercui comes up with a solution to put life in to the new iPod Shuffle, by making a picture engraving or any type of design you want. Cool eh? I hope Apple will make something similar to this. I’ll put iRan and iRack on it.


Now that’s iPod, new iPod Shuffle with AloofKid design! Yeah baby! ^_^

via Gizmodo


2 Responses

  1. […] Apple itself, a company called Computer Choppers give more life in the new iPod Shuffle. Not only pimping it with engravings you can actually choose a variaty of colors ranging from $129 to plating it for $200. Its still a […]

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