Poll: Do you want to see Francis M’s picture in his casket?

I received a picture of Francis M. in his casket. He looks so different, I want post it here in my blog but I also want you people to remember Francis M. in his funny, energetic, and young face.

Here’s a poll if you want to see Francis M’s pic in his casket, but for now, I’ll try to find ways to contact Kiko’s relative to ask for permission, or if one of you has a contact to Kiko’s relative (better if it’s Pia or Maxx), please send me an email at fmtrojan@gmail.com


22 Responses

  1. I just want to reach out to Francis “Kiko” Magalona’s close family and friends. I feel your pain and sufferings. I know exactly how it feels to lose someone so dear in your life. I will continue to pray for you and your family.
    Francis M. ….you will always be missed and luved by us, your fans. I followed your music from the beginning.. and still I will follow your music…in heaven. Rest in Peace brotha!!!
    Ur a true PINOY!!!!!

  2. gusto namin makita si francis magalona kasi di kami naka dalaw sa kanya

  3. yah gsto Ko mkta pwede ba

  4. As much I want to share it to you guys, I must get a permission to the relatives of sir kiko, para hindi po sila ma offend sa blog ko. I’ll be posting it as soon as they give me a permission.

  5. can you pls email it to me? rainearcilla@yahoo.com
    i’m here in san jose california

  6. Hi there I still waiting for maxene, pia or saabs aproval 🙂

  7. pwede kaya? sana.

  8. sana..
    i feel d same,,wen i lost my only son..he was only 12yrs old den..
    ITP in his case,related to leukemia.,.
    kindly ..

  9. @jeannet,

    I have a pic of sir kiko but as I said to my post, I still need an approval from sir kiko’s family

  10. @margie

    Im sorry to hear that, but the good thing is your son is with God already and he is enjoying his life there and not suffering from his illness. we all have a story to share regarding the lost of important person in our lives but in return that situation make us a better person to face a greater challanges 🙂

  11. i tot dat you really share us the pic of francis m.
    na curious p nmn ako..

  12. @alex

    I will share it to you guys once approved 🙂

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  14. Wala pa bang approval?Andami na naming NAG VOTE ng “YES” oh?

  15. Wala parin po eh, nag email na po ako kay max saab and pia still no replys

  16. were going to wait for the approval coz everyone want to see kuya kiko. for the respect to kuya kiko and family. so we are willing to wait for approval. thanx obed

  17. Welcome jovie 🙂

  18. c”,)walw pa rin ba til now………….

  19. c”,)wala pa rin ba til now………….

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  21. la lng

  22. hangkorny!pina e eksayt mo kami.tsk!

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