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  1. kawawa nman c francis m kinuha agad ni lord bata pa naman naawa nga aq sa mga anak nya ehh

  2. ey would you kindly please email the photo of Francis M. in my Email Address here’s my add Johnny_knoxville19000@y.c.
    Thank you very much.

  3. thanks kahit papano nakita ko siya na nasa casket….

  4. @ agent zero

    Sorry the picture is too confidential that’s why I sill need for an approval


    You’re welcome bro, I wish naka punta rin ako sa wake nya.

  5. gagu ka patay na shinowbiz mopa face nya

  6. @gie

    Hind po sa shinoshobiz ko yung picture nya, gusto ko lang po i-share yung pic na natagap ko sa ibang tao lalo na sa mga readers ko, pero as I’ve said, hindi ko po ipopost ang full picture nya without the permission ng mga relatives ni sir kiko.

    Thanks and I sorry kung medyo na offend po kayo sa post ko.

  7. TOL.. pakiemail nmn sakin ung picture ni francis..

    gusto ko lng makita..tnx

  8. pls email to me also pictures jane_fortuno@yahoo.com

  9. Please refrain from distributing or sharing of francism’s picture in a casket. I know you dont want yourself to be vulgarly exposed in public when your time comes….Let Francism be remembered as an icon not a morbid one.

  10. I do have a francism’s picture in a box because I went on his wake last March 2009 to pay my last respect; I keep his picture as a memento coz i’ m a big a fan of him ever since his time as rapper in Loveliness in late 80’s.Even though I got an opportunity to meet him and interview him last 2000, Francism would forever live on as a classic and virtuoso rapper and an icon in the Philippines.

  11. hello puwede paki4ward nmn skn pics ni francis m. smiley_teacher17@hotmail.com tnx!

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