Guy’s I’ll be moving my blog to WordPress has been a great stepping stone for me as a blogger, kindly continue visit my blog! I’m still fixing it and reconstructing it but I’ll still update my blog to give you more news about news, gadget, technology and entertainment whatever.


AloofKid says: Thank you all

It’s been three months since I open this blog. Basically the purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge to you and it came to a point when I enjoy blogging technology and news that I like.

My blog stats increase about 5433.33% this month compared to last month. Last month I got a 219 views and this month I got 12,118 views and still counting. This stats really inspired me to keep on blogging and give you guys updates regarding technology and news.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you guys for visiting my site. Without you I guess Im the only one who visit my OWN blog 😛


Picture of Francis M. in his casket (Partially Revealed)

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Which of Which Webhost (WWW)


For less than a month now the youth group in our church will be launching a new program, they are so much excited to the point, I want to set up a site for the event alone, just to run for 1 year and evaluate if the worldwideweb helpthe group to grow.

Starting from the scratch is hard, but starting from nothing (not even scratch) makes the situation nearly impossible, what do I mean? Right now for 3 days I’ve been searching and searching and finding the right web host for me, that will cost less than $10, that I’ll say, it’s worth it!

Here are the top site that are in my list:





Right now I’ll be asking some of the experts to give some advice regarding a good web host and I’ll try to make a side by side review on their feature so sooner or later we will know what webhost site is good for us. 🙂

Sun Broadband Wireless: A F*ing SLOW

I want to scream, I want to throw my laptop, I want to destroy my Sun Broadband! I got the most f*cking lowest speed in SBW History. I don’t know but when a site has a java on it that page go slow as hell! In my review I said that I only get 300kbps on peak hours but today at 12noon this is the slowest of them all!


7k+ Views? O.O


I just hit a 7k+ views,  but only 56 unique view, I don’t know why and how he/she done that but whoever you are or should I say, WHATEVER you are, you really like my blog, really, you can understand my english grammar 😛

Sickest Dance Crew in America’s Best Dance Crew

I was watcing ABDC 3 in when I saw their number, it was the sickest of the sickest I’ve seen! Watch it out!