Porn goes 3D in iPhone


iPhone + Porn + 3D =

Pink Visual is now filming porn videos than can be viewed in 3D with the help of 3DeeShell made by a German firm Spatial View.

According to Yahoo! News

3DeeShell is described as “protective skin” that iPhones can slide into. A window built into the shell allows 3D viewing without special eyeglasses.

I don’t know if I should do this but you can see a sample porn video at it’s like watching 3D movie without your special eyeglasses. I think it’s better to have 3D movies or T.V. shows rather watching porn, also I don’t think you will appreciate it that much since you’re watching a 3D video in a small device. It’s like a Blu-Ray movie; you will appreciate it if you are watching it in a big screen not in a portable Blu-Ray device.

via Yahoo! News


Laan Labs create a new iPhone apps that lets you create a text or image POV illusion using your ofcourse your iPhone,  Light Writer – POV Effect is available for $1 at iTunes but I hope that there will be a wrist strap so it will prevent the iPhone flying off my hand. Kaboom!

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Colored iPod Shuffle for only $129


Yet this is not from Apple itself, a company called Computer Choppers give more life in the new iPod Shuffle. Not only pimping it with engravings you can actually choose a variaty of colors ranging from $129 to plating it for $200. Its still a nice deal to costumize you iPod Shuffle but still, will you buy the new iPod Shuffle?

Computer Choppers via Gizmodo

iPhone: Finally a COPY & PASTE


Finally! After so many OS updates iPhone will have a Copy & paste function on the upcoming OS 3.0. On the other hand, still no text forwarding?

BTW, you can get an app that let you copy and paste, but the downside is it is only activated when you has a keyboard in it.

iPhone Apps: Bargain Bin

Bargain bin

For all of you who want to go to ukay-ukay there’s a ukay-ukay apps called Bargain Bin. No it’s not about clothes or shoes but it gives you an update of all iPhone Apps that go on sale or free. Cool right? So all of you there who tighten there belt cuz of recession you can now grab this apps for free!

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Another reason I hate the new iPod Shuffle

Ok ok, here are the things why I hate the new iPod Shuffle:

1. Its stupidly plain

2. There are only three buttons (+/- volume and the center button)

3. Buttons in earphones

4. Can’t use other earphones

Hey here’s a new one,

5. its so much user-friendly (ok, I’m being sarcastic)


Yeah the iPod Shuffle controls, it’s not that hard to memorize but hey, the first time you use it, it’s’ not Apple.

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Pimp Your iPod Shuffle!


Yeah yeah yeah, you made a new iPod Shuffle, oh it’s nice oh it’s small how much you praise it, it’s still lifeless, dull, plain and boring.

Good thing there’s a person who’s more artistic than Apple (take that!), petercui comes up with a solution to put life in to the new iPod Shuffle, by making a picture engraving or any type of design you want. Cool eh? I hope Apple will make something similar to this. I’ll put iRan and iRack on it.


Now that’s iPod, new iPod Shuffle with AloofKid design! Yeah baby! ^_^

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