Yugatech is Giving Away WalterMart Free WiFi and Movie Tickets


Yugatech a #1 techblog here in the Philippines is giving away a FREE WalterMart Free Wi-Fi and Movie Tickets this ticket is sponsored by WalterMart Management. All you need to do is pay him $1000, nah just kidding! Just answer this question in his comment.

Question: What’s your most anticipated summer movie of 2009?

My answer is the upcoming The Fast and The Furious movie and I can’t wait to see that movie!

If you want to participate in that contest just click ME to jump to his page. The contest will run until Friday and for Metro Manila people only.


Gizmodo’s Palm Pre Review

If you are looking for a iPhone alternative you can check out the most awaited gadget of this year, the Palm Pre. For weeks we’ve been waiting for a full review of this gadget, well it’s not a full review but I can answer some or should it say most of your question regarding Palm Pre.


You can go to Gizmodo for the Palm Pre Review

Note:  Picture was taken from Gizmodo

Liz Ryan’s 10 Questions Never to Ask in Job Interviews


I’ve never been to a job interview for a simple reason, I’m still studying 😛

But if you are planning to apply for a new job, here are the list of question you should NEVER EVER ask during you’re job interview:

  1. “What does your company do?”
  2. “Are you going to do a background check?”
  3. “When will I be eligible for a raise?”
  4. “Do you have any other jobs available?”
  5. “How soon can I transfer to another position?”
  6. “Can you tell me about bus lines to your facility?”
  7. “Do you have smoking breaks?”
  8. “Is [my medical condition] covered under your insurance?”
  9. “Do you do a drug test?”
  10. “If you hire me, can I wait until [more than three weeks from now] to start the job?”

To see the reason behind each question click HERE

Vicki Santillano’s “Eight Commonly Misinterpreted Songs”


Most of us Filipino listen to the music because it is commonly played in our favorite radio station or music TV, some listen to their kind of music because of the melody and rhythm of the song, and few listen to their kind of music because of their lifestyle. Like gangster kids listen to Rap Tagalog Music.

But have we really listen to the song and explore it’s meaning behind those rhythms and beats? Here’s the list of Vicki Santillano‘s commonly misinterpreted songs:

  1. “Born in the U.S.A.,” Bruce Springsteen
  2. “Losing My Religion,” R.E.M.
  3. Every Breath You Take,” The Police
  4. “Hollaback Girl,” Gwen Stefani
  5. “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” The Beatles
  6. “Crash into Me,” Dave Matthews Band
  7. “The One I Love,” R.E.M.
  8. “This Land Is Your Land,” Woody Guthrie

Find the true meaning of the songs HERE