Elecom spiced up MicroSD with style

Elecom made a MicroSD lineup called Loverish, with two different design and 4 different colors. First is like an evil one, more on a puck or emo style, good for rock star or punk. Second one is more on girlish “kikay” maybe this is a good gift for your girlfriend… the skull, just kiddin’.



The file transfer speed is 6.5mb/sec it’s available for japan only can understand the Japanese characters so I can’t tell if it’s available for shipping.

Gizmodo via Elecom

New Smart Bro will makes you share your connectivity


Smart Bro launch a new device today, the Smart Bro Share It,  it receives internet connectivity and also shares it to others. The device is like the upcoming Huawei i-Mo that has a 3G/HSDPA modem and built in Wi-Fi.

The said device comes with Plan 999 for 90 hours  of internet browsing and additional .35 per minutes (Php. 21.oo per hour) if you exceed the given 90 hours free.  It also has the speed of 2mbps but as always, it depends on the location.

In my opinion, they should put it in unlimited internet browsing for plan 999.

via Yugatech

HUAWEI i-Mo HSDPA with Wi-Fi

Its been 3 days since I got my Sun Broadband Wirless and honestly its beed a good experience, but the problem is, this device only serves 1 computer/laptop. If you want to share you’re connection you can tweak it using LAN or WiFi.


Good news! Huawei i-Mo made a new kind of 3G modem, not only serves as a 3G modem but also spread the love to other Wi-Fi capable device, yes you read it right! This device has its own WiFi that other device can connect and join your  connectivity, this device supports 7.2MBPS but as of now here in the Philippines the fastes to date is 2.mbps. It also supports 802.11 b/g and has a microSD slot for a small storage.

There’s still now word for the pricing, but defenitly it will be available for the second quarter of this year.

Source Slashgear [via Gizmodo]

Sun Brodband Wireless

I’ll be posting the speed tests tomorrow, and just give you guys a summary, I recieved a free $100 in Poker Stars, I’ll be playing poker the whole night hahaha.