Kutiman the YouTube Mixer

Here’s one cool video I see in you tube but, I don’t know you judge if it’s true, its hard to jugde but as of now I’m 90% believer that Kutiman got unique talent!

via Youtube

Francis M sings in Para Sa Masa


I heard this song way back 2004 or 2005 when I was still in highschool. There are handfull of popular artisit that sing in this song, but again, the best part is when Francis Magalona raps, I had a goose bumps when I first heard this song and until now I want the part when mr. three stars and the sun raps in this song.

Here listen to the music

Watch out for francis at 4:00

Parokya Ni Edgar: The Yes Yes Show w/ Francis M

This song is a great and funny song from Paroky Ni Edgar, but what’s the best part of this song is when Parokya Ni Edgar invite Francis M to sing with them, well that version should I say is better than the original The Yes Yes  Show.

Here be the judge 🙂

Akafellas Kaleidoscope World

I was searching for more Akafellas song to download and then I remember their version of Kaleidoscope World (a song written and performed by Francis M). I went to youtube and type Akafellas Kaleidoscope World, watch the video and enjoy the music, but the most interesting part of this clip is when I saw Mister 3 stars and a sun at the end of the clip, I almost cried.

Watch Movie: Extreme Movie

Just watch this movie earlier my ratings will be 2.5/5


A sketch comedy movie about the joys and embarrassments of teen sex. But mostly the embarrassments.

Watch Extreme Movie HERE

Watch Movie: She’s The Man (2006)

I’ve seen the preview of this movie way back last year so I tried to find a free streaming over the internet.


When her brother decides to ditch for a couple weeks in London, Viola heads over to his elite boarding school, disguises herself as him, and proceeds to fall for one of her soccer teammates. Little does she realize she’s not the only one with romantic troubles, as she, as he, gets in the middle of a series of intermingled love affairs.

Watch it free at this link:

Part 1

Part 2

Watch Movie: Seven Pounds



Once, Tim Thomas (Will Smith) was a gifted aerospace engineer with a beautiful wife and a lovely beach house. Then, while using his cell phone while driving, his car wandered across lanes and he became responsible for the deaths of 7 others, including his beloved wife. Unable to forgive himself or raise the dead, Tim sets out to give “pounds of flesh” that will give new life to seven deserving individuals to make up for the seven lives he destroyed. Just as Antonio would have to die to pay Shylock the “pound of flesh” he demands, Tim intends to kill himself to atone for his sins. His brother Ben (Michael Ealy), who works for the IRS, is deeply concerned about his state of mind. Tim steals his brother’s IRS ID to access the IRS database and to find and meet people who he believes worthy of his gifts which includes body organs and material possessions. Holly Apelgren (Judyann Elder), Ezra Turner (Woody Harrelson), Connie Tepos (Elpidia Carrillo) and Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson) are among those whom he identifies to help. Furthermore, Tim assumes his brother’s identity of “Ben Thomas” to personally investigate these people and verify that they are indeed the right people he should help. He has a plan for when he identifies his 7 beneficiaries that requires his best friend Dan (Barry Pepper) to see that his wishes are carried out after he is dead. Tim’s plan threatens to unravel when he begins to fall in love with one of the people he is trying to help.

Watch it for free HERE