Penis belly button ring, stylish or weird?


When I first saw this I thought it’s something like a part of a robot, opps looks like penis wait *checking *checking oh it’s a penis! This Pop-up penis belly button ring is really cool to show off to your friend but I find it a quite weird if you will actually wear it in the public, in the beach maybe but at school? Nah!


You can choose 4 different colors: Surgical Steel,  Black Titanium(+$2), Blue Titanium(+$2), and Rainbow Titanium(+$2). It’s a cheep piece if you buy it for $12 (Php. 600) and if you buy two you will get it for $10 (Php. 500) per piece. You can buy it at Additional $5 if you buy bellow $29 dollars and $7 for shipping world wide. So all in all if you buy one piece you will pay $24 (Php. 1,200) for Surgical Steel and $26 (Php. 1,400) for the other colors.

You want more erotic belly button ring? Here’s Kama Sutra Navel Ring for $5 (Php. 450)

shecoolhecool_2042_13346166via shecoolhecool