Sweet Tooth’s Flash Drive

Not another kind of flash disk! Anyone who have sweet tooth? Well I’m not offering you a chocolate but a Hershey’s Flash Drive! Cool eh? errr.. Nah…

hershey-usb-drive1 Hershey and Jazwawres joined together to develop this kind of flash disk, anyone what’s a chocolate flash drive? You can expect 1-4GB capacity along with Hershey camera, earphones and speakers. To much sweet tooth? Expect a price rage from $15 to $30. If you asked me if I’ll buy one of this? Am I crazy?

Gizmodo [via Jazwares]

Sexy MicroSD Reader

I’ve seen different kind of flash disk and a bit similar kinds of card reader, but this one is the smallest and sexiest MicroSD I’ve seen. This Card Reader is so small you barely notice it in a laptop, it’s look like a wireless mouse receiver but with style!

elecomminisdreader1To use it, you will insert your MicroSD in the top part of the reader, bellow that is the USB chip so you will not get confuse where to insert it. The unit is available in 4 different colors, Cherry Pink, Azuria Pink, Black, and White. The unit will only cost you $13 a pop but for now it is available in Japan only.


Via Gizmodo