NC310 is Samsung’s New Netbook


Samsung is launching their new NC310 netbook worldwide soon. Samsung hasn’t release the full spec list but it is a 10.1” LCD, 1GB RAM, 160GB of HDD, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, 5hrs of battery life (11hrs on the enhanced version) 1.3MP camera and weighs 1.23kg.

There is still no word for the CPU detail and the price, but Samsung, I’m waiting 🙂

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12inch Acer Aspire One to Join The Rest Aspire One Brothers

Again Acer is planning to release an 11.6-inch Aspire One, with Atom z530 processor, GMA500 graphics core, and full sized keyboard and extended its battery life to 4 to 8 hours.

After the release of the 10inch Aspire One, I’m dissatisfied with its specs, it more on the old 8inch Aspire One with just bigger screen and new design. I wish this time Acer will upgrade some of its spec like the standard RAM and the CPU Speed.

Macles via Gizmodo

Lenovo’s VIAO-P will be called “Pocket Yoga”?


According to CrunchGear the Lenovo’s version of VIAO-P will be called “Pocket Yoga” but there’s still no official announcement from Lenovo itself.  If you look at the pictures below we can see that the it can be flip backwards to make it a small tablet pc (no call it ultraportable tablet PC) this feature might be interesting not only you can type on it but use it like a notebook during class. Nice right?

CrunchGear via Electronista

Will Lenovo make their own VAIO P?


Not the Sony one of course, but Lenovo made a prototype of a Sony’s VAIO P look alike. If they will put better specs under the hood and sell it 40k-50k a pop, I guess people might grab one as a VAIO P alternative.

via CrunchGear

disclaimer: Photo grabbed from CrunchGear

Asus’ Latest Gaming Monster

Asus made another monster gaming laptop, this 12GB (yes! TWELVE!!) is the latest innovation of Asus, the Asus G71gx.


Processor is TBA

1 GB GTX 260M video card

up to 12 GB of DDR2

1 TB of storage (two 500 GB drives)

17-inch 1920×1200 WUXGA display

optional Blu-Ray Disk-ROM/DVD-RW drive

As of now, there’s no word how much this gaming monster will cost, but if you see the specs, man, prepare to sell your bestfriend >:)

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Here’s the list of Abbreviation or names/category of laptops.

Desktop Replacement Laptop (DRL)


These are systems that generally have a similar spec to desktop PCs, it has a big 17inch to 20inch display screen some has a numberpad. It’s more powerful than laptops but makes it less portable.



Having the average display size of 12 inch-15inch.



A laptop with an 11inch or smaller screen, normally weighs around 1.5kg.



According to T3 Magazine, “just a sexier term for subnotebook” it has a similar specs of Subnotebook and the so-called “Ultraportable”



For the the name itself netbook is for Internet connectivity only, it’s good for people who spend time in a Wi-Fi zone like Starbucks.

Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC)


A small touchscreen PC with an 8inch screen, primarily for internet use.

Ultra Low-cost PC or Ultra Light PC (ULPC)


A low cost laptop and it’s price is still dropping and dropping and dropping.

One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)


A low cost PC for educational purpose.

Mobile Internet Device (MID)


A communicator like device that runs internet browser for internet purposes. Duh?!