Shower cap that helps hair grow back?


Here come Japan again in their weird technology. Ok if you are one of those guys who’s getting bald well you might try this on. Despite of the shampoo, pills, and creams here’s a shower cap that help your hair grows back.

This cap is made of composite rubber that has a giant hole on top where you put a warm water. It’s designed to capture the steam in such a way that it opens and cleans out scapt pores and allows repressed hair to come out again.

You can buy it at HairDoctor for $90 (Php. 4,500)

HairDoctor via Gizmodo and Tokyo Mango

Underwear that burns fat?


We have gadgets, machines, medicines, foods and juice that helps burn fat, but talking about underwear? Ok, you got my attention, speeeeaaaaak!

Teijin (a Japan based chemistry company) announced that they’re developing a underwear that burn away fat when worn, the fabric must hug their skin to create a friction resistance when they go to their daily routine.

What makes this underwear burns fat? It’s the NANOFRONT (polyester nanofiber) that they made last year. This fibers are just 700 nanometers in diameter and 200,000 times more flexible than conventional polyester fibers.

How much will this cost?  I want to get one >:)

Nikkei via Gizmodo and Crunchgear

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BlowJob gets a BlowGuard


I don’t know about this invention, but it’s kinda odd to see this one, if you have a problem issue with your girlfriend regarding a painfull blowjob because of her teeth? Well your problem is solved, oddly solved.

A dentist invented a BlowGuard, its like a mouth guard of that boxers use, a $28 a pop that contains a pack of strawberry flavored lubrication.

Really, weird…

Gizmodo [via Blowguard]

Blood Glucose Level Monitoring Tatoo

A Campbridge labratory made a special ink that changes color depending on your blood glucose level. The ink is made of tiny spheres that contain the glucose detecting molecule, a color-changing dye, and another molecule that mimics glucose. If the molecules mostly latch onto glucose, the ink appears yellow. If glucose levels are low, the molecule latches onto the glucose mimic, turning the ink purple. A healthy level of glucose has a “funny orangey,” color, according to Clark. The sampling process repeats itself every few milliseconds.

Its a quite cool to show to your friends “Hey my blood sugar is low, see? it turns purple” hahahaha

From CrunchGear [Via Gizmodo]

Hello Kitty Hospital


A maternity hospital in Yuanlin Taiwan put up Hello Kitty aura to help mother ease stress while giving birth. The 30-bed Hau Sheng Hospital is the first of the kind to implement this kind of therapy.

You can read the full details: Reuters