Porn goes 3D in iPhone


iPhone + Porn + 3D =

Pink Visual is now filming porn videos than can be viewed in 3D with the help of 3DeeShell made by a German firm Spatial View.

According to Yahoo! News

3DeeShell is described as “protective skin” that iPhones can slide into. A window built into the shell allows 3D viewing without special eyeglasses.

I don’t know if I should do this but you can see a sample porn video at it’s like watching 3D movie without your special eyeglasses. I think it’s better to have 3D movies or T.V. shows rather watching porn, also I don’t think you will appreciate it that much since you’re watching a 3D video in a small device. It’s like a Blu-Ray movie; you will appreciate it if you are watching it in a big screen not in a portable Blu-Ray device.

via Yahoo! News

SonyEricsson sales drop by almost 50%


OMG! SonyEricsson sales drop by 50% and take note it’s only the first quarter of this year. My goodness. What went wrong? As you can see it’s normal to have a sales decrease this time of crisis, like Nokia 5.5% and 8.7% but almost half of sales, that not soooo good.

via Reuters

Sony to tighten it’s belt


As early as today Sony will start pay cuts and freezing wages for one year.  This move is to save them more loss that they are experiencing in the economy crisis. Today Sony announce that they will freeze wages for normal employee for one year and a 35% to 40%  pay cuts that include top position.

Sony is expecting a $2.5 billion record loss for the current fiscal year.

via Reuters UK

SonyEricsson might split up?


There are RUMORS spreading in the internet that SonyEricsson might shut down their joint venture. Ericsson has posted lost a $187 million EUR last Q4 of 2008 and has been struggling to find its place in the market. Ericsson still no comment to the topic that  Manager Magazine in Germany post.

MobileBurn via CrunchGear

Use your face as a controller


Kazuhiro Taniguchi a Osaka University inventor invented a new way to control your mp3 device, way techy than iPod Shuffle for me. This device is called “Mimi Switch” it detects your facial movements using a infrared sensors that convert it as a command.

It also can be modifed to such facial expression so you can do it with your own thing.

You can see the Mimi Switch demo here

PhysOrg via DVICE

Knowing the virgins in Wellesley

Here’s a chart that shows the virginity rate at Wellesley College according to the student’s major. Wellesley College is a all girls college in Boston Massachusetts. Anyhow, as you can see there is a 0% virgins in Studio arts, there’s more pervert in Spanish class than English and French, and lastly people who’s quite nerds are virgins.

I don’t know how they come up with this percentage and the number of the population of this survey still it’s very informative. LOLZ


I guess the Studio Arts majors from Wellesley are having a fight with their parents. hahahah

Gizmodo via forwardOn

Circuit City 03.08 Closing Day


It’s been a news for quite some months now, but on March 08, ’09 is the day wherein you will see that Circuity City will close all their stores. Too bad, I remember buying my Xbox and Nintendo DS at Circuit City last 2006.