Sanwa Throat Mic, techy but might look you stupid.


I saw this kind of technology in one movie I forgot what movie it is but it is use by some kind of Special Force or SWAT maybe where they can communicate with just a silent conversation, I think it uses your throat vibration to relay the voice or whatever.

Sanwa is making breaking the line of being in a special force and a regular guy. Sanwa will be selling it to the market soon. It is good for loud places or while driving, but if feel stupid when I’m talking to a headset?

Wireless headset is acceptable, but to wear this around your neck and talk through your phone when people look at you and they think you are talking with yourself? I don’t know I just see that neck part but really, people might think your are crazy 😛

Sanwa via Akihabara News

Shower cap that helps hair grow back?


Here come Japan again in their weird technology. Ok if you are one of those guys who’s getting bald well you might try this on. Despite of the shampoo, pills, and creams here’s a shower cap that help your hair grows back.

This cap is made of composite rubber that has a giant hole on top where you put a warm water. It’s designed to capture the steam in such a way that it opens and cleans out scapt pores and allows repressed hair to come out again.

You can buy it at HairDoctor for $90 (Php. 4,500)

HairDoctor via Gizmodo and Tokyo Mango

Cole Cleaner disinfects your can soda


Usually when I buy a can sodas I grab a tissue and wipe the rim of it, but it’s not even 10% germs free. I see some people use straw while drinking and some use a cup or glass.

Cole Cleaner cleans your can buy using a UV Radiation for about 1 to 5 mins. and when the violet LED lights up you’re ready to drink you germ free soda can.

Yanko Design via DVICE

Walk the dog for 1km and never feel tired


Here’s another way to make life easy! The dog walks, you ride he bike! Let’s face it, now matter how far you walk, dogs still has more energy to walk the extra kilometers.


If you want one, here are few thinks to keep in mind:

WalkyDog is not for every dog.

  • Dogs should be at least 20 pounds and the rider at least 40 pounds heavier than the dog.
  • Dogs should be examined by their veterinarians prior to participating in this jog/biking exercise.
  • This activity should not be undertaken by anyone under 14 years old, and adults should supervise teens older than 14 using the WalkyDog.
  • Make sure your pup is well-hydrated. Bring fresh water with you for breaks. Make sure your dog is not hyperventilating. Some dogs have more endurance than others, so be careful not to overdo your routines.
  • Check your dog’s paw pads for abrasions. Dog paws are very sensitive to heat and rough terrain. Also, check for stones or burrs between his pads.

Buy it at

via Inventor Spot

Disclaimer: Photo taken from inventor

    Underwear that burns fat?


    We have gadgets, machines, medicines, foods and juice that helps burn fat, but talking about underwear? Ok, you got my attention, speeeeaaaaak!

    Teijin (a Japan based chemistry company) announced that they’re developing a underwear that burn away fat when worn, the fabric must hug their skin to create a friction resistance when they go to their daily routine.

    What makes this underwear burns fat? It’s the NANOFRONT (polyester nanofiber) that they made last year. This fibers are just 700 nanometers in diameter and 200,000 times more flexible than conventional polyester fibers.

    How much will this cost?  I want to get one >:)

    Nikkei via Gizmodo and Crunchgear

    Disclaimer: Picture is taken from

    The Arrow Mouse

    I thought flash drive has a weird design, well here’s one weird design from USB Gadget.


    via Geeky-Gadgets

    Use your face as a controller


    Kazuhiro Taniguchi a Osaka University inventor invented a new way to control your mp3 device, way techy than iPod Shuffle for me. This device is called “Mimi Switch” it detects your facial movements using a infrared sensors that convert it as a command.

    It also can be modifed to such facial expression so you can do it with your own thing.

    You can see the Mimi Switch demo here

    PhysOrg via DVICE



    Another weird yet cool looking flash disk this flash disk which I only crate the name (Robot+Flash+Disk=Roboflask) has a 4GB internal memory and weighs 60g also duplicates as a key chain or a decor in your phone.. LOL

    memo001400_02_l1Gizmodo via Gadgets4all

    Hacking the keyboard, the pro way


    Keylogger?! Men that’s for beginners! Two separate team have found that keyboard actually produce a electromagnetic radiation when tapped. Want to try it? All you need is a simple gadgets…  an oscilloscope, wireless antenna, PC and an analog to digital converter… alright that’s not simple gadgets.

    Anyway, they said it can decode a 95% keyboard typed, yet finding a hard way to decode a laptop keyboard which has a electromagnetic stuff that mix to the rest of the system. The easiest one are the wireless keyboards.

    via ITWorld

    BlowJob gets a BlowGuard


    I don’t know about this invention, but it’s kinda odd to see this one, if you have a problem issue with your girlfriend regarding a painfull blowjob because of her teeth? Well your problem is solved, oddly solved.

    A dentist invented a BlowGuard, its like a mouth guard of that boxers use, a $28 a pop that contains a pack of strawberry flavored lubrication.

    Really, weird…

    Gizmodo [via Blowguard]