The Arrow Mouse

I thought flash drive has a weird design, well here’s one weird design from USB Gadget.


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Another weird yet cool looking flash disk this flash disk which I only crate the name (Robot+Flash+Disk=Roboflask) has a 4GB internal memory and weighs 60g also duplicates as a key chain or a decor in your phone.. LOL

memo001400_02_l1Gizmodo via Gadgets4all

BlowJob gets a BlowGuard


I don’t know about this invention, but it’s kinda odd to see this one, if you have a problem issue with your girlfriend regarding a painfull blowjob because of her teeth? Well your problem is solved, oddly solved.

A dentist invented a BlowGuard, its like a mouth guard of that boxers use, a $28 a pop that contains a pack of strawberry flavored lubrication.

Really, weird…

Gizmodo [via Blowguard]