Feeling Hot? Buy A Knot!


Japan has the craziest invention in the world, if not they have lots of it. Another crazy invention is obviously a tie, ladies and gentlemen, presenting, a tie with a fan. What? A fan?! Yes A FAN!



This  tie has a fan in a knot and it’s powered through a USB cord which you connect to your PC and viola! Not only you feel cool but you look stupid cool! Available for 2,980 yen (Php. 1,459.oo).

via Thanko


Bug Spray, Freezes Bugs in No Time


This bug killing spray uses a powerful negative 40-degree that instantly freezes and kills bugs, without using chemical pesticide ingredients. It a non-pesticide spray so it safe to use in home with your kids.

I’m just wondering, in this hot summer times, I guess we could use it to have an icy cool feeling! Hahaha! Ahh! Refreshing! LMAO!

Source: Lion

Two yr. old Breakdancer

Uploaded way back 2006 and I just watch this today I’m thinking, where have I been? This 2 yr. old kid knows how to breakdance and he’s doing quite well at his age.

Break on kid!

Yugatech is Giving Away WalterMart Free WiFi and Movie Tickets


Yugatech a #1 techblog here in the Philippines is giving away a FREE WalterMart Free Wi-Fi and Movie Tickets this ticket is sponsored by WalterMart Management. All you need to do is pay him $1000, nah just kidding! Just answer this question in his comment.

Question: What’s your most anticipated summer movie of 2009?

My answer is the upcoming The Fast and The Furious movie and I can’t wait to see that movie!

If you want to participate in that contest just click ME to jump to his page. The contest will run until Friday and for Metro Manila people only.


Soap That Looks Like Dog-Poop


Will you use this kind of soap? Or just send it as a gift to your friend who’s turning to be your worst enemy. Well I don’t know, according to the source this soap smells like coffee the negative side is, it really looks like a sh*t!

Well I don’t now but I might try to buy one and test how it feels  and try it just once, but is it terrible if a visitor in your house see that you have a dog-doo in your soup holder?


Sofa-bed turns to a bunk bed.

I don’t know if you see one of this type of sofa-bed, but the sofa-bed I usually see in the market are the normal single bed and few queen size sofa-bed. But a bed that turns to a double deck bed is really cool innovation from the maker. Here’s a picture that I grabbed from FunniestGadgets.


bonbon via FunniestGadgets

ICOO V616 2GB MP3 Player for only $14


ICOO V616 is a 2GB MP3 that has an OLED display, and… wait checking on the specs… checking…checking…anyway.

Who needs specs? This gadget cost only $14 (Php. 700) Take note, it has a OLED display and you can use any type of headset. Excuse me iPod Shuffle, I’m not talking about you…

With only $14, an OLED display, probably plays MP3 (what’s the use if it can’t play?!) and sleek design it’s a great deal!

PMP Today via Engadget