Sponsors: 80% Sales at Geeks.com

I received an email from Geeks.com and telling me that they have an 80% sale in their red tags.

Here are the things I find interesting:


19″ Soyo DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor w/Speakers
Refurbished with 90 day Soyo Warranty

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50% OFF!
DigiPro 8×6″ USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen
$39.00 with coupon code TABDEAL

Expires 03/31/09
50% off DigiPro 8×6″ USB Graphics Tablet w/Cordless Pen $39 with Code TABDEAL

BUY DigiPro Tablet NOW! Code TABDEAL

Craziest toilet ever!


It definitely freak you out, but I don’t know if it will poop you out! It’s a toilet cubicle located at a ski resort in Japan, an advertisement of Georgia Max Coffee.


Punctuation of Viagra

Yes we all know the English punctuation marks like comma, period, question mark, exclamation point etc etc. There are two additional punctuation, this is used for Viagra only.

Well, as we all se, Pfizer made it! hahahahaha

via jumbojoke.com