Soap That Looks Like Dog-Poop


Will you use this kind of soap? Or just send it as a gift to your friend who’s turning to be your worst enemy. Well I don’t know, according to the source this soap smells like coffee the negative side is, it really looks like a sh*t!

Well I don’t now but I might try to buy one and test how it feels  and try it just once, but is it terrible if a visitor in your house see that you have a dog-doo in your soup holder?


Stylish limited edition faucet that will look your bathroom elegant


Here’s another stylish limited edition faucet in the market today design by Davide Vercelli a combination of faucet and vase. The faucet will fill up the glass first from the bottom and as it reaches the top it pours out the water.

My top concern is, it might be a place to breed bacteria or get slimy which my needs cleaning every month. The lease on is, hey it looks like a glass of cocktail drink for me. haha peace!

HegoWaterDesign via Craziestgadget