Picture of Francis M. in his casket (Partially Revealed)

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Poll: Do you want to see Francis M’s picture in his casket?

I received a picture of Francis M. in his casket. He looks so different, I want post it here in my blog but I also want you people to remember Francis M. in his funny, energetic, and young face.

Here’s a poll if you want to see Francis M’s pic in his casket, but for now, I’ll try to find ways to contact Kiko’s relative to ask for permission, or if one of you has a contact to Kiko’s relative (better if it’s Pia or Maxx), please send me an email at fmtrojan@gmail.com

Francis M sings in Para Sa Masa


I heard this song way back 2004 or 2005 when I was still in highschool. There are handfull of popular artisit that sing in this song, but again, the best part is when Francis Magalona raps, I had a goose bumps when I first heard this song and until now I want the part when mr. three stars and the sun raps in this song.

Here listen to the music

Watch out for francis at 4:00

Parokya Ni Edgar: The Yes Yes Show w/ Francis M

This song is a great and funny song from Paroky Ni Edgar, but what’s the best part of this song is when Parokya Ni Edgar invite Francis M to sing with them, well that version should I say is better than the original The Yes Yes  Show.

Here be the judge 🙂

Akafellas Kaleidoscope World

I was searching for more Akafellas song to download and then I remember their version of Kaleidoscope World (a song written and performed by Francis M). I went to youtube and type Akafellas Kaleidoscope World, watch the video and enjoy the music, but the most interesting part of this clip is when I saw Mister 3 stars and a sun at the end of the clip, I almost cried.

[UPDATED] Master Rapper Died at 44 today. (w/ Video)


Earlier today around 12:00pm Francis M died after a long battle of leukimia. You can visit his blogs happybattle and AFreeMind.

If  you miss the announcement in EatBulaga you can watch this video clip below.

I’ll miss you Mr Three Stars and a Sun