Two yr. old Breakdancer

Uploaded way back 2006 and I just watch this today I’m thinking, where have I been? This 2 yr. old kid knows how to breakdance and he’s doing quite well at his age.

Break on kid!

Soap That Looks Like Dog-Poop


Will you use this kind of soap? Or just send it as a gift to your friend who’s turning to be your worst enemy. Well I don’t know, according to the source this soap smells like coffee the negative side is, it really looks like a sh*t!

Well I don’t now but I might try to buy one and test how it feels  and try it just once, but is it terrible if a visitor in your house see that you have a dog-doo in your soup holder?


Doggy’s Nightmare

I thought we people are the only one that have nightmares, even animals have one too.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Yahoo! via StupidVideo

Google Deaths


Here are the wierdes list of accident I’ve seen in my entire life, google each phrase in quotes to get the exact phrase —

“Died in a _____ accident”:

Died in a Freak accident: 16,500

Died in a Blogging accident: 2,250

Died in a Bizarre accident: 952

Died in a Bizarre Gardening accident: 689

Died in a Mountain Climbing accident: 676

Died in a Fishing accident: 599

Died in a Gardening accident: 447

Died in a Fireworks accident: 345

Died in a Race Car accident: 342

Died in a Strange accident: 325

Died in a Bizarre Fishing accident: 229

Died in a Bungee Jumping accident: 156

Died in a Sex accident: 115

Died in a Hot Tub accident: 84

Died in a Toboggan accident: 77

Died in a Tricycle accident: 10

Died in a Bathtub accident: 9

Died in a Golfing accident: 8

Died in a Bowling accident: 8

Died in a Marching Band accident: 7

Died in a Ice Skating accident: 7

Died in a Shopping Cart accident: 6

Died in a Google accident: 5

Died in a Blender accident: 5

Died in a Basketball accident: 4

Died in a Private Jet accident: 3

Died in a Taco Bell accident: 2

Died in a Piano accident: 2

Died in a Deep Fryer accident: 1

Died in a Nudism accident: 0

I tried to search one wirdest accident, “SPITTING” and it came out to have one candidate.

Source: The list came from

Punctuation of Viagra

Yes we all know the English punctuation marks like comma, period, question mark, exclamation point etc etc. There are two additional punctuation, this is used for Viagra only.

Well, as we all se, Pfizer made it! hahahahaha


Granda’s Drift

I don’t know what went wrong, but this is crazy!


Google Map: Google Map Car Hits a Deer


A funny view on Google Map, a Google car that took pictures for the Google Map hits a baby deer… baby deer, you got pawned!

You can view the site here, but better check it out sometime next week even I can’t view it because of hundreds of people are trying to view the dead deer too.

Gizmodo via The Daily What