Google Deaths


Here are the wierdes list of accident I’ve seen in my entire life, google each phrase in quotes to get the exact phrase —

“Died in a _____ accident”:

Died in a Freak accident: 16,500

Died in a Blogging accident: 2,250

Died in a Bizarre accident: 952

Died in a Bizarre Gardening accident: 689

Died in a Mountain Climbing accident: 676

Died in a Fishing accident: 599

Died in a Gardening accident: 447

Died in a Fireworks accident: 345

Died in a Race Car accident: 342

Died in a Strange accident: 325

Died in a Bizarre Fishing accident: 229

Died in a Bungee Jumping accident: 156

Died in a Sex accident: 115

Died in a Hot Tub accident: 84

Died in a Toboggan accident: 77

Died in a Tricycle accident: 10

Died in a Bathtub accident: 9

Died in a Golfing accident: 8

Died in a Bowling accident: 8

Died in a Marching Band accident: 7

Died in a Ice Skating accident: 7

Died in a Shopping Cart accident: 6

Died in a Google accident: 5

Died in a Blender accident: 5

Died in a Basketball accident: 4

Died in a Private Jet accident: 3

Died in a Taco Bell accident: 2

Died in a Piano accident: 2

Died in a Deep Fryer accident: 1

Died in a Nudism accident: 0

I tried to search one wirdest accident, “SPITTING” and it came out to have one candidate.

Source: The list came from

Google Map: Google Map Car Hits a Deer


A funny view on Google Map, a Google car that took pictures for the Google Map hits a baby deer… baby deer, you got pawned!

You can view the site here, but better check it out sometime next week even I can’t view it because of hundreds of people are trying to view the dead deer too.

Gizmodo via The Daily What