Loudcrowd.com where people meet music


Loudcrowd.com is a mixture of games, social network and music. Again? GAMES, SOCIAL NETWORK and MUSIC?

Games: Play two variety of games.





Social Network: You can meet people and dance with them by flirting, showing the move or just making fun with them. Well the style moves bit the same.


Music: Ofcourse this is the marketing value of this site, you can hear music, music, and music. Did I just say music?


Well all in all I give this site 3.5/5. It’s  good site to waste time, play games, make friends and have fun!

You can join at http://loudcrowd.com/

Francis M sings in Para Sa Masa


I heard this song way back 2004 or 2005 when I was still in highschool. There are handfull of popular artisit that sing in this song, but again, the best part is when Francis Magalona raps, I had a goose bumps when I first heard this song and until now I want the part when mr. three stars and the sun raps in this song.

Here listen to the music

Watch out for francis at 4:00