Porn goes 3D in iPhone


iPhone + Porn + 3D =

Pink Visual is now filming porn videos than can be viewed in 3D with the help of 3DeeShell made by a German firm Spatial View.

According to Yahoo! News

3DeeShell is described as “protective skin” that iPhones can slide into. A window built into the shell allows 3D viewing without special eyeglasses.

I don’t know if I should do this but you can see a sample porn video at it’s like watching 3D movie without your special eyeglasses. I think it’s better to have 3D movies or T.V. shows rather watching porn, also I don’t think you will appreciate it that much since you’re watching a 3D video in a small device. It’s like a Blu-Ray movie; you will appreciate it if you are watching it in a big screen not in a portable Blu-Ray device.

via Yahoo! News

Penis belly button ring, stylish or weird?


When I first saw this I thought it’s something like a part of a robot, opps looks like penis wait *checking *checking oh it’s a penis! This Pop-up penis belly button ring is really cool to show off to your friend but I find it a quite weird if you will actually wear it in the public, in the beach maybe but at school? Nah!


You can choose 4 different colors: Surgical Steel,  Black Titanium(+$2), Blue Titanium(+$2), and Rainbow Titanium(+$2). It’s a cheep piece if you buy it for $12 (Php. 600) and if you buy two you will get it for $10 (Php. 500) per piece. You can buy it at Additional $5 if you buy bellow $29 dollars and $7 for shipping world wide. So all in all if you buy one piece you will pay $24 (Php. 1,200) for Surgical Steel and $26 (Php. 1,400) for the other colors.

You want more erotic belly button ring? Here’s Kama Sutra Navel Ring for $5 (Php. 450)

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Knowing the virgins in Wellesley

Here’s a chart that shows the virginity rate at Wellesley College according to the student’s major. Wellesley College is a all girls college in Boston Massachusetts. Anyhow, as you can see there is a 0% virgins in Studio arts, there’s more pervert in Spanish class than English and French, and lastly people who’s quite nerds are virgins.

I don’t know how they come up with this percentage and the number of the population of this survey still it’s very informative. LOLZ


I guess the Studio Arts majors from Wellesley are having a fight with their parents. hahahah

Gizmodo via forwardOn

BlowJob gets a BlowGuard


I don’t know about this invention, but it’s kinda odd to see this one, if you have a problem issue with your girlfriend regarding a painfull blowjob because of her teeth? Well your problem is solved, oddly solved.

A dentist invented a BlowGuard, its like a mouth guard of that boxers use, a $28 a pop that contains a pack of strawberry flavored lubrication.

Really, weird…

Gizmodo [via Blowguard]