Which of Which Webhost (WWW)


For less than a month now the youth group in our church will be launching a new program, they are so much excited to the point, I want to set up a site for the event alone, just to run for 1 year and evaluate if the worldwideweb helpthe group to grow.

Starting from the scratch is hard, but starting from nothing (not even scratch) makes the situation nearly impossible, what do I mean? Right now for 3 days I’ve been searching and searching and finding the right web host for me, that will cost less than $10, that I’ll say, it’s worth it!

Here are the top site that are in my list:





Right now I’ll be asking some of the experts to give some advice regarding a good web host and I’ll try to make a side by side review on their feature so sooner or later we will know what webhost site is good for us. 🙂