The Arrow Mouse

I thought flash drive has a weird design, well here’s one weird design from USB Gadget.


via Geeky-Gadgets



Another weird yet cool looking flash disk this flash disk which I only crate the name (Robot+Flash+Disk=Roboflask) has a 4GB internal memory and weighs 60g also duplicates as a key chain or a decor in your phone.. LOL

memo001400_02_l1Gizmodo via Gadgets4all

Sweet Tooth’s Flash Drive

Not another kind of flash disk! Anyone who have sweet tooth? Well I’m not offering you a chocolate but a Hershey’s Flash Drive! Cool eh? errr.. Nah…

hershey-usb-drive1 Hershey and Jazwawres joined together to develop this kind of flash disk, anyone what’s a chocolate flash drive? You can expect 1-4GB capacity along with Hershey camera, earphones and speakers. To much sweet tooth? Expect a price rage from $15 to $30. If you asked me if I’ll buy one of this? Am I crazy?

Gizmodo [via Jazwares]