Candlestick that does not need fire.


Ok, first time is saw this:

1. “oh my gash, PINK?! WTF?!”

2. It’s a lighter? I thought it’s a toy

3. Will I buy it? Now way, I’ll rather buy other cool design at Lighters Galore.

Here’s a weird item from gift monger, a Candlestick and a lighter, no not all in one, its a candlestick lighter. Change the color I’ll probably buy one.

Product Page

BlowJob gets a BlowGuard


I don’t know about this invention, but it’s kinda odd to see this one, if you have a problem issue with your girlfriend regarding a painfull blowjob because of her teeth? Well your problem is solved, oddly solved.

A dentist invented a BlowGuard, its like a mouth guard of that boxers use, a $28 a pop that contains a pack of strawberry flavored lubrication.

Really, weird…

Gizmodo [via Blowguard]